I Made This: Painted Round Mirror

I have so many projects that I’ve done in my house. When I stop and think about it all, there are WAY more projects than things purchased as is. I find it to be such an outlet for me. I think its high time I get it all out there and share it. Most of the time I forget how much creative thinking I use on a daily basis. Then people come over and look and things I’ve done and think I built the Ark or something. No, its just spraypaint!

Anyways, I’m slowly but surely going to get all of my projects up here and hopefully inspire someone!
I bought this round mirror at ross on clearance for $16.49.
Round Mirror BEFORE

It wasn’t until I hung it up that I realized why it was on clearance. The mirror is so wonky. It’s like rest stop bathrooms that don’t use real mirrors, but the rejects from the mirror company or leftovers from the funhouse company. Oh well, I still think its cute. I may need to paint something on the mirror to remind myself it — “Objects in mirror are PRETTIER than they appear.” You know, just so I don’t scream every time I look in the mirror.

I taped off the mirror, painted it all gray and just free handed the dark blue stripes. Winging it is what I do best.

headboard on bed

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