A Window Makeover

When we first walked through our house, this is what the front bedroom looked like. I’m not a snob, but seriously, who would ever put those curtains up and think “Oh thats cute, I think they’ll stay.” Ugh, needless to say they were like the first thing gone. Oh and the floor is just nasty, NASTY stained carpet padding. Don’t worry yourself too much, its pretty wood now :)

guest bedroom
Bedroom Window BEFORE

guest bedroom
The MUCH better AFTER!

My favorite part of the room is that headboard. Oh My Gosh! I just want to take it behind the bleachers and get it pregnant! (In the words of Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock, nobody freak out) Back to the headboard, I wish it was mine! It belongs to my aunt, but gets to look pretty sitting in one of my bedrooms. Those curtains are from JC Penney, my all time favorite place to buy curtains. They cost $15 a piece. You just can’t beat that. You Can’t. Just stop, you can’t.

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One response to “A Window Makeover

  1. Okay those curtains officially rock!! I’m obsessed with striped everything at the moment and seriously $15 bucks??? I’m heading to jcp.com right now to investigate!


    PS-Thank you so much for visiting my blog. If you have a chance, drop me an email b/c I would love to have you guest post with a closet crash!! Your closet looks fabulous!

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