Apartment Living


Sometimes I miss our apartment. I don’t miss the thin, shedding carpet. Or the cold draft that invites itself in through the front door in the winter. Or the galley kitchen that only accommodated one person comfortably. Or the “no painting and large holes in the wall” rules. Or walking a mile to take out the garbage.

What I do miss is the challenge of decorating the small space, how fun it was to take two completely different individuals and squeeze both our lives into 800 poorly designed square feet. I say poorly, but I loved the layout of our townhouse apartment. There was virtually no storage. THAT was the problem. It was a fun problem to have. Through necessity, I came up with so many ideas to maximize the space. It was challenging, and I LOVED it. Unfortunately, I didn’t take to many pictures to show, but once we were settled in, it felt like everything had its own perfect place.



Now when it come to the house, the house I longed and dreamed for, it was SO much bigger than anything we had lived in together that I didn’t know what to do with all the space. I still don’t.  I SO SO SO love my house though, and it’s excited growing into it and making it work perfectly for us.

I feel like I’m complaining about having too much space. Maybe I am! I’ve found that the past year of living here has been harder to get everything to flow in the house than it ever was in the apartment. Just remember, I do love challenges!  I look back on the year we have lived in our house and realize I have done a LOT to it, but then I look at the list of what I WANT to do and boy is it long!

Well, happy decorating!

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