Vic…Gloria’s Secret




I had a friend getting married. Bethany Getting Married. Not THAT Bethany, but one I went to Rhema with. I offered to throw her a shower at my house and she said yes! She didn’t have anyone doing a lingerie shower for her so we decided that would be the theme. I love making invitations more than decorating just as much as decorating a LOT.  In the spirit of lingerie, I made it pretty obvious what the point of this shower would be. I had such a fun time making these. Actually, I recant that because I remember how bad my back ached having to cut each one of these and apply the rhinestones individually. This was before I bought a Silhouette SD, which I love! Lets just say I had so much fun with the CREATIVE process and not the actual back breaking labor. I would make any sweat shop boss VERY angry by my lazy work ethic.

I’m usually not the Black/pink fan, but per the bride’s request I felt inclined to meet her wishes. I loved how they came out! The pictures pretty much tell all, but I printed the design out and applied black lace to the back, rhinestones on top and silver ribbon around the corset waist. I made the little panties the same way to let the guests know what size to buy. I bought a metallic silver pen to write the address on the envelopes. I researched it quite a bit to make sure the post office would actually deliver the black envelopes, they did. Sometimes though, the post office and I don’t exactly see eye to eye or agree on the meaning of “practical”. Oh and that little circle if the return address label for the back.

Now I wish more people would get married, pronto.


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7 responses to “Vic…Gloria’s Secret

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  4. Denise Davila

    I LOVE these! Did you use a pattern to cut them? Also, is that actual lace on top of the invite? Or did you find paper like that?

    • Gloria

      I created a pattern in illustrator. I found a picture of a corset and traced along the edges. I used spray adhesive and black lace, adhered it to the paper then cut it all out by hand. Back breaking! I now have a Silhouette SD cutter that makes my life so much easier on those kinds of projects.

  5. Denise Davila

    Awesome! I LOVE them! I only have 10 to make, so I bought some lace and am going to attempt something like this. They are so creative and right in line with what I was trying to buy online (but couldn’t find).

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