Painted cabinets

Sometimes, I have a tendency to get ahead of myself and start  big projects on a whim then letting them go unfinished. These cabinets are a perfect example of that. When we first bought our house, we had to get all new flooring. I was supposed to be pulling up the tack boards from the carpeting, but I somehow found myself sanding down some cabinets. I don’t even know where the sandpaper came from. It was like it was just conjured up from thin air, cause I didn’t buy it. Caleb finally noticed what I was doing, I was just like uh, I dunno? What AM I doing? Like I was sleepwalking, only I was sleepsanding. It happens.

Here is the before…

and here…

Finally six months later, I finished it.

I’d like to make a little sidenote, the paint on the inside wall is actually the same as the rest of the living room. From these pictures, it looks pretty green, maybe its just my monitor. In case its not, I wanted to point that out.


It got new paint, hardware, the back wall painted and the inside of the cabinets are a soft gray. It looked too plain when it was all white. Now I need to finish the kitchen cabinets I started back in August and the master bathroom paint that I started in December… of 2009. I’m ridiculous. OR lazy. OR tortured artist. Let’s go with that.


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15 responses to “Painted cabinets

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I love the paint color!

  2. chrissy

    the walls appear a bit green because the walls have a bit of yellow in them-and the contrasting wall is blue….yellow and blue make is an optical illusion!

  3. Jessica

    I hope you don’t mind me stopping by. Im a follower of Better After and saw your before/after over there. YOU MUST please share with me the blue paint color and brand! Its absolutely fabulous!!! Love it all.

  4. Gloria

    Hi Jessica!
    Thanks for checking it out! That paint color is called Bermuda Turquiose by Ben Moore. I loved it so much I painted my closet in it too.

  5. Just saw this on Before and After and had to come by and say what a beautiful job you did. I wouldn’t say you were lazy, just ummm busy that is all. It was well worth the wait, it is stunning.

  6. Kristin

    gorgeous! also saw it on Before and After and had to visit for a closer look!!

  7. Amy

    Sleepsanding is the best! hahaha! Looks amazing!

  8. Hello from Malaysia.. I think your work is FABULOUS and so inspiring…I came across your blog from The Shabby Nest..Love your “practically free shelving” do you have button or let me know how to follow the blog..
    Your big fan .. pc

    • Gloria

      Aw thank you PC! I’ve always wanted to visit Malaysia, my dad has been several times for business and it sounds like the perfect vacation. Someday! About following the blog, I don’t have a button, still figuring out the whole blogging thing but there are a few options on my sidebar, you can subscribe by email or put me in your reader. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. This is the best!!! Love your color choice. Lighting is perfect

    • Gloria

      Thanks Simone! It was a LONG process, not to mention, hundreds??? of paint swatches. I agonized over it a little too much.

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  13. Lesa Williams

    I didn’t notice the gray paint inside the cabinets until I read your comments. Know I know how to correct my mistake. Thanks and keep up your creative work. Don’t worry about how long it takes, remember it is all about the journey!


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