Eclectic Beach Glam

Does that sound pretentious? I think it does, I’ll keep working on a way to define my style. In the mean time, here is some “artwork”, maybe collage is a better word, that I made as a present for Caleb. You see, sometimes I feel like my decorating style leans too feminine, so I make it a point to balance it out with something of a more masculine nature.
When we moved in together at our apartment, I gave it to him to let him know I wanted to include his taste into our decor, that it wasn’t all about me.

It might seem out of place, beachy things in a home in OKLAHOMA. I don’t care. Its what I like and I’ll keep thing like that.
Here is the frame I bought for it, sort of a driftwood feel to it from Hobby Lobby-half price. Is there any other way?

And a bit of a close up of the Surfer magazine covers that it is made up of…

To each his own, and this is mine!

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