Money Can’t Buy Me Love

And it’s a good thing because I sure don’t feel like spending any money. My mom gave me these frames a while back and at first I didn’t think I had anything to put in them. Then I had an “a-ha!” moment and remember my tons of engagement pictures I had sitting in a pile. Going for cheap and easy I just made a collage out of them to fill up the space, I believe they are taped together on the back side to stay together.


I’m definitely not one of those people who doesn’t believe in showing of personal photos. I don’t live in a magazine, this is my home, and I want to show off pictures of me younger, skinnier and tanner.

These pictures have moved all over the house with me. They were above the bed, over the fireplace, on top of an armoire and now hanging on this wall of a room with no identity. Now, I must go to remedy that situation.



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3 responses to “Money Can’t Buy Me Love

  1. Micky Gordon

    Your mom sure is good to you!!!

  2. So true – I hate it when I see pics of houses full of amazing art and cute accessories but no lovely photos to be found. Then again, I’m a photographer so I’m biased, but still! Photos are a must-have around the house :)

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