I’m no Michelangelo

But I’m pretty expert at painting ceilings.

Lets start from the beginning, shall we? Once upon a time I had this room and it was painted a color called band aid.

Maybe it doesn’t seem that bad, but if you look closely you’ll notice there aren’t any windows in here. There is only a solar tube which surprisingly brings in a lot of light, just not enough for this color.

When I started prepping for paint, I saw this….

Yikes! Who thought that would ever be okay? I certainly preferred band aid over banana laffy taffy. Even though that’s my favorite flavor its NOT my favorite color in a windowless bedroom.

I chose a color called Talc from the Martha Stewart Colors at Home Depot. While I loved the color, I didn’t love the price. I didn’t know how much is was when I got it. I also noticed it is low VOC and I can’t wait for the day when ALL paints are low or no VOC. My future children aren’t going to have any idea what that was, and THAT is when I will feel old.
Also, didn’t love the coverage. This is after 1 gallon of paint. I underestimated how dark the original color was so I had to make a 2nd run to Home Depot for another gallon. I shoulda primed!

Just after that point I began doubting my commitment to that color. I knew from the start I would need to repaint the trim and doors, but seeing the new color go up against the old yellowed trim gave me serious concern so I painted part of the trim in the new color and every time I started hyperventilating that I’ve chosen the wrong color, I would look over at the new trim color and repeat to myself it was going to be okay.

I also painted the ceiling, I thought the before color was so cold and the new color would look great with what I had planned for the ceiling.

Then, I went a little CrayZay and started painting the doors.
So after saying all of that, it brings me down to this…
Yup, that’s right! Its finished!
The paint it still wet that’s why it looks uneven.
I’m SO SO SO happy with it! I almost have it all decorated and the new light fixture up! Stick around to find out!


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