The Perfect Time of Year




Please excuse my alien fingers.

I love it when my springtime wreath comes out to play. I love the colors, textures and simplicity of it. I made it and everything comes from Hobby Lobby, the world’s greatest. It’s so awesome, it doesn’t even need a noun, just the world’s greatest. Anyways, it costs about $15 to put it all together. They have so many floral pieces to choose from you can make it exactly how you want. This was so easy to make, I didn’t even have to use hot glue! Before I made it, I was looking at wreaths to buy, and they are like… ESSSSpensive! I guess that is why there are 783.4 million wreath tutorials out there on the web. This is simple, just buy and arrange away!
Now, I just need some help figuring out what color to paint my front door.


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