Run Forrest, Run

I got a box in the mail and it had a little something to do with this….

That’s the old table runner.

Bippity, Boppity, Boo!

Here’s the new pretty! I needed some more pattern in my life. I do love solids, so much, TOO much.  So how is that for a little Easter spice! I LOVE looking at pretty decorated Easter tables, but seriously, who has time for that?! I don’t. As much as a want to BE Martha Stewart. I am just not her. So this is my happy undecorated Easter table.


It’s no fuss and simple. The way I like it. I got this from World Market online. It was my first purchase there along with something else I can’t wait to reveal! If only the sun would come out so I can take some less crappy  (sorry mom) bad pictures. Sheesh.



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2 responses to “Run Forrest, Run

  1. I absolutely love your table and chairs. Where are they from?

    • Gloria

      They are both from Craigslist and were repainted and reupholstered. I’m gonna do a post on both of them.. IF I can find the before pictures of the table!

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