Big Girl Bed

I finally bought some real pillows for my bed. This was only two years in the making. For some reason, I could never convince myself to buy pillows. I felt like it was more complicated than chemistry. I wanted a grown up bed with pretty pillow that weren’t fussy to mess with. I mean, where would I put them? Will the dogs eat them? What if I change my mind after I drool all over them? I was losing sleep over the pillow situation. Then, on a non pillow related shopping excursion I found these…

I was at Marshall’s, which is a rare event for me, and knew these would be perfect for me. Apparently no one bought anything from the Cynthia Rowley home collection because the shelves were filled with it. Lucky me, I paid $20 each for the european sized sham. But that’s not all folks!!! (I feel like I’m in a magic bullet commercial! Dream come true!) I also got these little neck roll/bolster pillows whateveryoucallthem.


TADAAA! They were only $10 each, and are much prettier than anything I would have made. So Happy!
Before I go any further, lemme show you the room before.
Copy of house photos-1 Yeah… I don’t have any progress pictures but here’s the whole shebang and a tour of the rest of the room. It’s coming together!

This is the HERS nightstand. That was a castoff from my mom, it was formerly solid white and I distressed it and painted the scroll at the bottom and the insides of the drawers. Much more personality this way.


HIS nightstand. It is intentionally itty bitty so that there can only be so much crap that will fit. I love Caleb, I just don’t always agree with his nightstand habits. It’s a boy thing I’m told. I keep telling him its temporary and I’ll replace it with something a bit bigger, but that is so not on the list of priorities anytime soon. Don’t tell.




This is my favorite thing in this room. I got this door at the ReStore for 2 double cheeseburgers I think? Maybe 3? Either way I feel like I stole it. The lady at the checkout didn’t know what to price it at and she thought it was ugly, of course we had the mirror side facing the other way so it looked even less appealing and it worked! After it was rung up she asked what I planned on doing with it and I was like walaaahh! Mirror on the otherside. I’m convinced it would have doubled in price had she seen that side first. I totally felt like the hamburglar on that. Good day. (Apparently I’m getting hungry! TWO hamburger references in one paragraph!) I also got the lamp bases from the restore for $2 each. Solid brass and oh so heavy. Definitely better than a bat under the bed.



I’d like to throw a shout out to my mom who refinished this dresser, it used to be orange and now I love it!


So there it is. I feel like it’s pretty stereo typical of blogger bedrooms…

Round mirror above bed?


Homemade nightstands?


Pretty pillows?


Bamboo blinds?


With curtains over?

Check check

Earthy natural rug?





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12 responses to “Big Girl Bed

  1. Kristin

    Gloria, I love it all, but especially the paint color. What color is it?

    • Gloria

      Glad you like the color! It was the most difficult thing about this room. It was a custom mixed color. The color I brought home from the store was NOT the color on the swatch, but I wanted to make it work anyway. It was hideous, like ICE blue. It made the room look so cold you would still want a blanket if the A/C went out on a summer day. Anyways, I mixed in any color paint I could find, interior paint, acrylic paints, heck even some food coloring. So, I made it work and sorry I couldn’t give you an actual color!

  2. I want to move into your bedroom! Love the big bed, and the mirrow especially! So light and cozy!

  3. Obsessed!! Your bedroom looks so peaceful and beautiful! Can we trade rooms!? lol.

    Great Job!

    • Gloria

      What if we could work out a Trading Spaces: Blogger Edition. That would be so funny. I wish I could say my bedroom was always so peaceful, but that IS NOT the case! Just this weekend, my puppy peed all over my duvet, and the dust that collects from my lab is UNREAL.

  4. Marie L

    Just discovered your site, and aren’t you a clever girl! I love your gradient armoire! I was going to ask if you built the shelves when I realized it is a hanging shelfy thing. So clever, you didn’t have to mess up the insides, not that anyone as handy as you would. I was also curious at first if it had hanging space on the other side. Then I saw the before shots. Anyway, I also love the wardrobe/chest thingy in your bedroom. Is that what used to be called a chifero? (I know the spelling is off!)

    • Gloria

      Thank you! Those “shelves” are actually hanging sweater storage that sits on a rod that was already part of it. As for the piece in my bedroom, yes! It is a chifforobe.

  5. Tyrene Hickman

    I love your room! Also, the way you mix your paint, the mirror turned around, because heck yes it would have been more… Every time I read one of your blogs and and see your pictures I think to myself…”I can’t remeber exactly how I found Gloria, but I sure am glad I did!”

  6. Love your room. It turned out gorgeous. That door/mirror is to die for….great find and great price. Stopping over from Just a Touch of Gray’s Roomspiration Master Bedroom Day – Link Party. Have a great day. :)

  7. YUMMY fabrics!!! Ahh…..I really like the painting, especially how it is reflected in the to die for floor mirror! Hope you enjoy!

  8. Haha, you’re “stereo typical of blogger bedroom” comment made me giggle! But seriously… I love your space… great wall color, neutral bedding, and of course the door/mirror. I love that you just propped it right up against the wall. So glad you joined Roomspiration today!

  9. Very pretty. I love the colors.

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