The Artist’s Dojo

In case you don’t remember, I had a room that started out like this

Studio Before

Which is a little embarrassing to show, but very real. Sometimes I just shove things in rooms and forget about them for Oh… a year.

Here is the official after, after the month long makeover!

Studio Full

It’s done, it’s done!!! I still have a few things to move in there, like my printer and Silhouette machine, but that will most likely go in the closet once I get around to that. Hey, I said the room was done, NOT the closet. Do you like how I just tricked you there? I could write the fine print on official documents and such, you know the ones where you accidentally sign your firstborn child away because it is so confusing?

Let me show you the rest of the room before this becomes a political blog. Warning: I took a lot of photos.

Studio Light Fixture

Why yes, I did install this light fixture all by myself. And yes, it was frustrating with the world’s worst directions, but yes, I AM awesome.

Studio Sewing Corner

This is my sewing corner where I keep threads and fabric.

Studio Cezanne Table

That little table was a high school project where we had to replicate a classic painting. It’s been a while since high school and any kind of art history… I feel so embarrassed that I can’t remember who painted this???

UPDATE: Apparently I get by with a little help from my art teacher. She tipped me off to the original artist. P Cizzy a.k.a. Paul Cezanne 050. So lets just say that he owns me when it comes to painting, but I have the rest of my life to get better and he doesn’t… womp womp!

Paul Cezanne 050

Studio Final Armoire

The official resting place of the gradient armoire!

Studio Easel

The painting corner. I saw this easel at a store in town and FELL. IN. LOVE. Fortunately, I was with my mother who noticed that I started hyperventilating really liked it. She went back and surprised me with it for my birthday! You’ll notice the canvas wouldn’t stay there if it weren’t for some help.

Studio Twine Easel

Nothing a little twine won’t fix. Crap, I picked the wrong blog name! I’ll wallow in regret later.

Studio Gallery Wall

Onto the gallery wall! I had a closet full of pictures so I yelled at them to quit being lazy and actually DO something.

Studio Gallery Wall 2

They are all my own personal paintings or photos except for the two tiny ones, because I’m in them and didn’t take those pictures. Oh and the engagement collage which you can read about here.   I loved doing this because it took me about 20 minutes and I hung everything up with thumbtacks! So easy, but a caveman probably couldn’t do it. Just sayin’.  I can’t wait to reupholster that rocking chair. I started, but that blanket is strategically placed to cover up the gaping hole that my dog chewed up.

Studio Peonies

This is by far the best part of May, the peonies that bloom! Picking flowers out of your own garden is the best! Especially when you put in no labor toward planting/keeping them alive.

Studio Bookshelf

Here is the closeup of the built in bookshelves. Since I don’t have a ton of books, I had the luxury of organizing by color without it being too difficult to find what I’m looking for.

Studio Silver Tins

I also crammed a few painting supplies. I got those tins at target for $1 each and always buy more each time I go in cause they are great for organizing.

Studio Sewing Table

Mosey on over to my sewing table. Yes, its true, I love sewing. Not just for home improvement, but I love altering my clothes to fit perfectly, embellishing tops and making a dress here and there. I don’t use it as often as I should, but it is so handy to have.

Studio Sewing Table 2

Poor broken light, and stupid dog. So everything in this photo was painted. The desk was one of my first home improvement project back for the apartment, used to be orange and I bought it at a garage sale for $30? $35? ridiculous cheap either way. That chair was refinished by my mom she whitewashed it and recovered it in the fabric of my choosing! The bulletin board was red-orange or orange-red—did those crayon colors confuse anyone else as an 8 year old?—and the back of it was plain cork board. I painted it white and hot glued fabric to it. It looks so much better now.

Studio Sewing Table Closeup

Closer look at the pretty little chair.

Studio Sewing Machine

My sewing machine that I am in love with.

Studio Reflection

This is my idea board. I write notes to myself and lists galore. That shelf had a run in with some spray paint and didn’t return the same. If you look in a previous photo, it used to be black. The mirror also had a white makeover. Is there anything white does not fix? Maybe Micheal Jackson, but I’ve gone to far.

Here’s one last photo again.

Studio Full Room




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40 responses to “The Artist’s Dojo

  1. This room is freakin’ awesome. Nice job!

  2. Stopping over from the blog hop. Amazing transformation.

  3. Kristin

    You did such an amazing job! Every detail is great. And, big congrats on hanging the light fixture!!

    • Gloria

      Kristin- Thanks! I may have forgot to mention that it took me a week to turn the electricity back on in that room after I finished installing it. I was a little overcome with fear. In the end, I conquered! Gloria-1, Lamp-0

  4. Great transformation- I especially love the ceiling!

    • Gloria

      Thank you so much! I had the idea foreverrrr, but thought it would be a difficult project. It was super easy! Glad its a small room though!

  5. Wow, this room turned out beautiful! I love the ceiling treatment. You truly did an amazing job. I am so glad I stopped by.

  6. Seriously awesome! Love every last detail… and the best thing is that now you get to enjoy it. :)
    ps- thanks for dropping by moth…. I want those shoes too!

  7. Nice work…great transformation!

  8. Ummmmmmmmmm…..AMAZING. I am incredibly jealous of this room!!! Love, love, love!!

  9. This is beautiful! well done! I’m a new follower:)

  10. Mel

    Beautifully done. A great space for creativity as it’s already oozing in it. I really like the gradient paint effect.

  11. Found you on Better After. Great room makeover, Gloria! I love the thread/fabric corner. You are so organized~ I know the feeling of everything having it’s space :)

    • Gloria

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I wouldn’t call myself OCD but life is so much easier when things are organized. I can work in a mess, but I can’t work in an unorganized mess! There is so a difference.

  12. Ah-Ah-Ahhhhhhmmmmmmaaaazzzziiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!! Love it. Serious envy over here.

  13. LOVE this room. I want this room. Can I move into this room?! You’ve inspired me to seriously think about painting some of the ceilings in my house. . . .

    • Gloria

      Yes, Do it! I’ll come over and help! Haha. To be honest, I was seriously not looking forward to it but the idea in my head was so overwhelming I couldn’t NOT do it. Once I got down to it, it flew by and I was done before I knew it!

  14. Kelly

    Love your room. I have the same sewing machine. Project runway edition. :)

    • Gloria

      As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t any other kind! I don’t use it as much as a should, but it is so darn handy.

  15. Your Gallery wall looks fabulous!! I’m going to have to use this as a little inspiration of my own as I try to attempt a gallery wall in the next couple of weeks.


    • Gloria

      Thank you! I will say, with two rowdy dogs in the house the thumbtacks don’t hold up to everyday use. BUT they were perfect to use as a nail guide instead of nailing a hundred holes in the wall, thumbtacks are much less offensive to move around. Good luck! I’ll want to see pictures!

  16. I love what you did with the ceiling! What is the paint color? I’d love to add this room to the inspiration galleries on my site and include you in a feature post. Let me know if you’re interested!

  17. The ceiling looks great!! I just read your comment on CG and popped on by to check yours out. Nice work! Oh, and I love how you painted your armoire. Very cute! ~ Catie

  18. Theresa

    I love the room and your humor, you have made me smile. You have given me a lot of great ideas for an art room makeover I am about to take on. Thank you.

  19. Came here from the link at Apartment Therapy. I love the paint on the ceiling!

  20. Wow!!! I would never leave the room!!

  21. Jennifer Spencer

    Wonderful transformation!

  22. kat skull

    Where did you get the wardrobe/closet piece? It is AWESOME!

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  24. You did a great job on the room. So nice to have a dedicated craft space like that. Found you over at Roomspiration. Hope you will drop by and say hi.

  25. This looks stunning! I especially like how your ombre drawers turned out.

  26. We are kindred spirits, Gloria! LOL First of all I love your sense of humor! :D Hey, us artsy, crafty people are a little organization challenged. I would much rather spend time creating than organizing any day! Which is exactly why I didn’t show you inside every one of my drawers and cabinets. ;) Thank you for joining my blog for Roomspiration: Craft Rooms! So glad you did! :D

  27. Wow! what a gorgeous place to work! Love the ceiling!

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