Backyard Cleanup

There is a little known rainforest in Oklahoma. It’s called my backyard. And I treat that backyard just like I do my eyebrows. I wait until they can’t possibly look any worse before I take it upon myself do something about it.




Eek! That is a lot of work ahead of me and only 1/5 of the yardwork I needed to do.  I powered through it though!

I got rid of lotsa weeds n’ trees. Bet you didn’t know there were roses under there!


No grass will grow there again as long as my dogs are still alive.

Right now, I feel totally motivated to clean up the rest of it. There is a huge section on one side of the house and it just got bumped to the front of the list since the fence will be replaced over there soon. Speaking of the fence, I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am! Not about getting a new fence but about keeping the old fence and making it into cool new things! Oh my gosh, my head is seriously about to explode because I want to do it all now. Do you think my neighbor would notice the missing fence if I took it out under the cloak of night? We shall see…


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2 responses to “Backyard Cleanup

  1. Get to it, there is nothing better than a good clean up. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage. Hope to see you again.

  2. Looking good eh – love a bit of gardening me :O)
    A xx

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