Hot Glue + Pirate Booty + Shoes = Less embarassing, but wearable shoes.

Let’s start this story off with a pair of shoes… that I wore once, two years ago. I was walking into school one day and halfway through the parking lot I noticed that one of the flower appliques was missing. They were there when I bought them the day before, and they were there when I got into my car on my way to school that day. I searched that parking lot high and low for that stupid little flower to put back on it. I would have busted out the metal detector if they weren’t fabric.

For two years, I have been too ashamed to wear these shoes and for two years, I have been too lazy to do something about it until today.


I finally ripped the other flower off and stripped the shoes down to the basics and took a picture for the world to see. I thought about buying shoe clips and there are so many adorable options, but call me stubborn, I did NOT want to spend more money on shoe clips than I did for the shoes.

IMG_0847 copy

By chance, I had a bracelet from Forever 21 that SURPRIIIISE, broke. Didn’t see that coming, did you. Well, the pirate booty of a gem that fell off was the perfect size to cover up the weird piece on my shoe. From that point, I put it in a box and waited 11 months to do something about it, which now brings me to this…


Hot Glue + Pirate Booty + Shoes = Less embarassing, but wearable shoes.

IMG_0850 copy
Walaaaah! Oh and don’t worry, they are flats. I’m not quite brave enough to rock royal blue heels. Well, maybe I am. Buy them for me and I’ll tell you.

In case you’re wondering what brought on this riveting makeover, I’m showing a little OKC Thunder pride. They totally have what it takes to give Dallas a run for their money. THUNDER UP!

IMG_0851 copy
Notice how I wasn’t lying about wearing them once? No a single dirty foot mark to be seen.  Someday when I’m feeling absolutely bananas, maybe I’ll make another option to put on there thats better looking.

So that’s my P.S. I Love You story about accidental shoe designing minus the crying and smeared makeup and sweet, well thought out letters and actual shoe designing career.

UPDATE: After 5 Hours of wearing my “new shoes” out in public, I already have all of the affirmation I will ever need.  An old gent in my office building energetically declared them “CUUUTE shoes!” in the elevator. What more could a 23 year old ask for than the overwhelming approval of a 57 year old bald man? I can’t think of a single thing. So thank you, chap, you made my day.


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6 responses to “Hot Glue + Pirate Booty + Shoes = Less embarassing, but wearable shoes.

  1. SJ

    Your pair of shoes looks fancy and pretty :) Linking up this awesome post with us made the Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop better and more special. Thank you!

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