I’m a Planner, So What?

I’m not necessarily the best planner, but I definitely received the list making/ organizing/put everything in it’s place gene. I found these drawings I made for my apartment in an old folder. I was so eager to decorate my first grown up place that I went all Candice Olsen on it, dontcha know.

See what I’m talkin’ bout here:



I made a complete floor plan of the upstairs and downstairs so I could get an idea of furniture placements.  But really, how many options could there even be? This place wasn’t huge.




I also sketched out a few ideas on paper. Most of them turned out pretty cool! I especially liked the vaulted ceiling in the bedroom that I stapled fabric to ceiling. The only other pictures I have of the apartment are on a roll of film, inside my camera, with 5 exposures left. Gosh, now that I’m talking about it I want to dig out my camera from the closet and get those pictures developed to see what is on it!

There’s only a few actual photos, you can see here. I just thought this was silly and wanted to share it.

Anyone else feel neurotic when it come to decorating and/or planning?


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4 responses to “I’m a Planner, So What?

  1. Fellow neurotic decorator here! :) Fun post!

  2. Love your planning – I am a it’s all in my head kinda gal, would love to be a planner – but not. Adored your planning though – how great.
    Happy weekend Gloria.

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