To Keep or Not To Keep

What you’re about to see is not exactly riveting. It’s just a front door. Painted blue.

Here is the before with a couple test colors. I didn’t buy any paint specifically for this door, I only used what I had on hand. Which is why I’m thinking about repainting this. For me, anything looks better than the burgundy. It looked like someone threw a bottle of Merlot at the door and then picked up the glass after they did it.


So blue it is. The color is actually the same from the studio ceiling and doors in that room. I love the color, I was just thinking about something more turquoise? Green? Or slightly muddier? Since the door is inset in the porch so much, it is by no means obnoxious and as far as I know, there is no HOA to worry about. And if there is, they are going to be extra mad at us because we have lived here for almost two years and haven’t paid a dime.


I’m thinking I might actually like the color if I either took off the storm door or repainted it, which I’m not confident would go well. Decisions. I need some help. Does anyone have any reasons to keep the storm door?

Here I am in the reflection this morning wearing white pants, which is normally fine for summer except it feels like rain today. Grr. I could predict weather with these pants, it almost always rains when I them. It means more dirt and grime from the parking lot at work.

So to paint or not to paint.

To remove or not to remove.

Ahh, life’s complicated questions.


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11 responses to “To Keep or Not To Keep

  1. I like the new color! I think something with more contrast would look nice too. BTW, your comment on my blog today made me LOL, for real. I tried to reply via email but your email address isn’t in your profile! So sad, and I couldn’t find it on your blog anywhere. Just wanted to let you know in case you want to be able to be contacted, but if you’d rather remain anonymous, that’s totally cool. :)

  2. Laura

    I just got a new Pella door and removed my storm door. I like the look from afar without my storm door much better. Curb appeal wins over fresh air…………..

    • Gloria

      I think that’s what I needed. No storm door. Maybe it will come off today, but I’m kinda scared of what’s underneath!

    • Gloria

      Haha Melanie, I tried to say goodbye to it yesterday, but one minute into it, I decided it it more than a 10 minute job so I gave up and went inside to tweak my ledges in the living room. And then… cliffhanger….. it storms last night! Get it? Storm door, storms? Which really made no difference to me at all. It is still going.

  3. If you find you can’t live without it, you can always reinstall the storm door…

    • Gloria

      Knowing myself, I would probably never get around to reinstalling the door. aka, I’m lazy. Plus, we broke the handle when moving a sofa out in one of those could not be replicated even if we tried ways. I’m all for removing it and saying goodbye foreva!

  4. we had the same thing on the home we recently bought in Austin and keep seeing them throughout the neighborhood. i don’t want everyone looking in our house… its seems like it would be more useful on the backdoor. we took it off and the porch (same style as yours) seems so much larger.

    the only problem we found was that there is a gap between the siding “door frame” and the actual door frame itself where the screen was on so when i painted the door recently i actually had to paint the same door color around there or it would be this awkward weird dingy cream color.

    • Gloria

      I’m pretty sure there is glue underneath it, I unscrewed one side of it and needed to start prying so I gave up. Maybe I’ll tackle it this weekend. Hopefully it doesn’t give me too much of a headache and I can cross it off the list.

  5. Reenie

    I love my glass storm door. I like to open the big door when I’m home to let the light in and the cats can see out :)

    • Gloria

      Ideally, I would have a different front door that let more light in because there is something about sunshine that is so uplifting. I have dogs, and whenever they see the front yard start to get that crazy look in their eyes. It scares me.

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