Ch-Check it out

It just so happens that my closet was featured over at Made By Girl. So if that’s the tangled web that brought you to me, WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by!

It also just so happens that it is one of my favorite blogs! She is so talented and stylish. If I could throw her in a box, and parade around as her I would. I’m sorry, that’s actually really creepy. Let’s just leave it at, I’m a big fan of hers.

For less exciting announcements, I put a few more things up on my ledges.
Oddly, this is my favorite home accessory. It was an impulse purchase while waiting in line at Hobby Lobby. Just makes me smile!
Pickles, artichoke hearts, salsa, pickled beets, banana peppers. You name it, I’ll eat it and then decorate with the leftover jar.
Two sneak peaks here! Kitchen cabinets closer to being done and an outdoor table I was working on in front of the tv.

Gratuitous puppy shot and…


Notice how wrinkly my sofa always looks? I just found out that the permanent press cycle on my dryer might actually mean something. My slipcover is always SO wrinkly and impossible to iron, but I think I just found out why.

P.S. I’ve had this sofa for well over a year.

P.S.S. Maybe I shouldn’t admit my dryer illiteracy.

It’s still a work in progress and by posting these pictures I can already tell some items are getting the boot. It just take so dang long to get it right.

Ex: Place vase on the middle of the second shelf, step back ten feet to observe, move vase inch to the right, step back ten feet to observe, move vase to top shelf, step back ten feet to observe, adjust vase one inch to the left, step back ten feet to observe, adjust vase .25 inch to the right, step back ten feet to observe, decide vase doesn’t look right altogether and put it back in the closet…… and this goes on for 12 hours with various different items.


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18 responses to “Ch-Check it out

  1. Where oh where did you get that lovely rug?

    P.S. Love your style. I want to move in. No, that’s creepy. Let’s try again. I love your style. The end.

    • Gloria

      Ahhh you crack me up! My rug is from overstock. It was my first birthday/housewarming gift to myself its huge and cost about $375! It’s not available anymore but at any given time overstock has at least 27 rugs I would purchase in a heartbeat. Like this one, or this one, ooh thiiiis one. Okay I’ll stop. I could seriously go on all day.

  2. The new shelves are really looking great as they fill out. Love it.

  3. Micky

    If you took away the black vase on the second shelf, I am in agreement with that… The items are light and airy, and the dark just sits there — oh, but you probably didn’t ask me, maybe we do think alike?

  4. Micky

    psst: Micky is her mom :-) .

    • Gloria

      Haha Thanks mom. I actually want to keep that brown jug there, but add a few darker pieces on there too because you’re right, it sticks out all by itself. I’m trying really hard NOT to buy anything new, so it makes things difficult. I may have to get that furnace door back up there, oh perfect thought!

      I also want it up there because that’s my camera fund stash. It needs to be somewhere inconvenient for me so I don’t just reach in there for little bits here and there and end up robbing myself.

  5. Congrats on the feature! It’s amazing how much different shelves look when you take a picture of them and look at the picture. It always helps clarify for me… but then I: Put vase on shelf. Take photo. Observe. Move vase to the left. Take photo… etc. So maybe it makes everything take way longer than necessary, and solidifies for my husband that I am a *teensy* bit crazy about all this stuff.

    PS – I finally just figured out you have a house tour here. GAH. Your house is AMAAAAAZING. A. Maz. Ing. Amazing.

    • Gloria

      Kelly, I’m thinking about adding a giant flashing and dancing arrow pointing to my house tour that you have to address before you can read anything else on the page. You know like those ads that cover up the entire page you’re trying to read and then spend 10 minutes trying to find the close button to get rid of it. What do you think? And thank you for your kind words! I’m kind of a fan of your house too.

  6. Love your shelves. Especially your painting. I wanted to tell you how I iron my sofa covers. I spritz them with a water bottle and smooth my hands over the wrinkles. Usually it dries smooth within 30 minutes ;-).

  7. Just hoppin by to let you know I love your closet redo

  8. 1. I love your gravatar pic. You are frikkin adorable!
    2. I loooove madebygirl! Congrats! I’ll have to check out your closet ;)
    3. I really like your shelves.

    I look forward to following your blog!

  9. Claire

    Is that the root beer from the renaissance fair on your ledge?

    • Gloria

      Yes, haha but I threw the rest of it down the drain. I just couldn’t get into it no matter how hard I tried! Plus, I had to put the $9 I spent on it to use.

  10. Stephanie

    How do you get your jars so clean and devoid of residual label?? It is so exhausting for me to get my jars clean! LOVE the setup

    • Gloria

      There’s two options I use, sometimes a combination of both. A warm soapy bath for those pesky paper labels, give ’em plenty of time then scrape down with an exacto knife or something similar. I prefer not to use my fingernail only because it can take a beating sometimes. I also use Elmer’s Sticky Out with a paper towel and wipes everything else and doesn’t take hours. That is the real miracle worker.

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