Chalk It Up

I’ve had these two pieces hanging around my house finished for a little while, but just moved them around the other day. They had been sort of neglected and I missed them, you know. The table was one of my earlier makeovers that I actually did when we lived in an apartment.  The brown just wasn’t working for me, but the price tag was-$35 from Craigslist. I may or may not have had to pay for it, thanks mom!

And this, if you can tell is a door. It’s from the ReStore and was only $10. I thought it would make a great chalkboard.


They both got the usual. Sanded, painted and primed. I painted the outside of the door first then taped it off to paint the chalkboard inside.


Wow, worst picture ever. It’s hard to tell on the camera screen if its blurry. The door kinda looks so sad with empty doorknob hole. I would love to install a bunch of knobs and hang it horizontally, I just have no where in my house I could put it. Oh wait, I say that, but I think it would be perfect in the garage. This is why I love blogging, I get ideas AS I type.  Now I just need some knobs!

In case you’re wondering what this spot looked like before, it was nothing special. And while I wouldn’t call it “special” now it’s a little less annoying to look at. Hurrah! Successss!

And I can’t wait to get a whole new tv situation here either.


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6 responses to “Chalk It Up

  1. I love that little round table! I think I’m developing a crush on it.

    • Gloria

      Haha Crush away! I can help coordinate a date for you two if you would like. When I got this table, there was one identical at Ballard for $200. I’d say I made off well with it!

  2. That table is gorgeous! I’ve been stalking Craigslist for one (well, two) like that for yonks. Love it!

    • Gloria

      It helps that my mom does a ton of craigslist stalking for me. I was addicted to craigslist before I started this blog, I would check it 4-5 times a day and now it only a few times a week! Funny how that happens.

  3. I love the table and the chalkboard door! Good work! :)

  4. love the door !! I am considering putting one in my office just like that … thanks for the idea!

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