Have You Met My Lamp(s)?

I need to preface this story by saying that I am baaaad at returns, and good at letting time fly by.

Wal-Mart is no Target, but they have surprisingly cute home decor. I was looking online at their stuff because I’m obsessed with the BabyMod line of cribs (and can’t wait for the day I can actually buy one) and thought I would virtually wander over to some other sections. You know, just to check it out. Well “just checking it out” almost always means something ends up in the cart. And it did.  I saw the Welgrove Floor lamp. After reading reviews, many said it was even cheaper in the store, so I tried to see online if it was available at my store… no dice. So I hit purchase then called it a day.

The next day I was in Walmart and thought I would browse the aisles just to see it if was there. And it was! And it was cheaper! And I loved it! So I bought it right then and there for less than $30. Awesome. I figured I would return the package when it arrived.

Well, the box arrived. Fast forward 2 months, well past the return date and realized that it was too late to return it! I really liked the light and figured it wasn’t a total loss. So I opened the box and SURPRISE! NOT the light I ordered. What could/should/would I do?  I assembled it and decided that I actually liked it SO.MUCH.BETTER. next to my couch than the other one. For once, laziness paid off and it was a happy accident.

So ya’ll, meet my lamps!

The lamp I wanted.

The lamp I got.

Here is where they live now. The one in my studio got knocked by Elway’s tail and ripped the bottom. I tried to “fix” it, but not very hard obviously.



If you happen to be needed any lighting, then you really should take a peek at what walmart has both online and in the store. There is a table lamp base I’ve had my eye on for awhile now, but I really have no need for it. Then again, when had that ever stopped me! At my wal-mart, the base is only $15.

I would pair it with a fabric wrapped drum shade instead of the one pictured. DIY’d of course.


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4 responses to “Have You Met My Lamp(s)?

  1. Walmart has a time limit for returns?! Shocker! I wonder if you could’ve brought it back without a receipt? (Apparently I got sidetracked by the return info.) I love the new lamps!

    • Gloria

      Haha, I probably could have returned it without a receipt, but I would have lost money since it costs more online than it did in the store. I had already thought I could use it in another room since I really liked it though.

  2. Hmmm… I am going to buy 2 of those silver lamp bases. Thanks Gloria!

    • Gloria

      I’m jealous! I actually just finished the guest room makeover so maybe I will buy one for that room. They have them in a bronze/coppery color and I really like that one too!

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