It came! It FINALLY CAME!!!

A lot has been going on in the Feeley house, but you wouldn’t know it by my blogging. I’ve been good at getting stuff done, but bad about relaying it to the five people who read this that are twitching in anticipation. Don’t lie, it’s true.

A few days ago I saw a box on my porch.

What? I wasn’t expecting anything, then I looked a little closer… It was from West Elm, some pillows that I had ordered maybe 3 days earlier.  At the time they were having a sale and the pillow covers were $8.50 each AND free shipping. The website said it was out of stock until June 29th, but I thought, ehh, I can wait. Click. Purchase.

I tore into the box and opened up my new pretties. I didn’t realize they had a button closure when I bought them, but I lovit!

I bought 4, two in each shade of green. It looks like the greens are sold out now. I was considering buying a few more but natch, guess not.


Digging the green, I am. Get it? Green? Yoda??? No? Okay, moving on.



I’ve been feeling that my sofa needed a little pizzazz. It had just been too long since I had really made a change with the pillows (think YEARS) (or months?). Anyway, I really like the brightness it brings in and it coordinates with the new paintings.

I bet you’re sick of seeing my living room again. There just so happens to be  another project I worked on last weekend and am getting ready to reveal. Seriously. I already took the pictures and everything, so stop twitching. I’ll get it out tomorrow.


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10 responses to “It came! It FINALLY CAME!!!

  1. This is beautiful, I love the greens and the natural tones that the shelves bring in… You are doing a wonderful job!!

  2. Yes, love the green. Nice score!!

  3. Great deal!! Loving the green!! West Elm makes me angry because everything is always on backorder for like 5 months…guess I need to learn to be patient!!

  4. Gloria

    Simone- Thanks! I felt like I just gave my living room the summer kick in the pants that it needed!

    Thanks Melanie! Normally I would have just made my own pillows, but sometimes its nice to have things without strings hanging out from every direction.

    Michelle- Even though it said it was way backordered I got it SO FAST. I was shocked. I’ve only ordered two things from there. Why can’t they open up more stores!

  5. the pillows look fantastic!!! And I LOVE the shelves above your couch… especially the brackets! Can you share where you got them?

    • Gloria

      The brackets are from Home Depot… or Lowes. I really can’t remember. Those two stores happen to be right next to each other, like sharing the same parking lot, so I can never remember which store I’m in. You know, I’m leaning more towards Lowe’s and I’m positive they cost about $7 each.

  6. Love the pops of green! It must have been like Christmas receiving your pillows after being on backorder…I always get too impatient and find some way to make my own. They were worth the wait, they really finish off your sofa.

  7. Yay! Thanks for linking up to the party today! Still in *luuuuuve* with your living room. And all your other rooms.

  8. Loved the white and the fresh green combo! You’ve created a beautiful space!

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