More Crates, For Real

Before you slap any blogging neglect charges on me let me explain why I have been so absent…

You see, I uhhh don’t really have a good excuse except that there is an APB out for my wedding ring and I’ve been freaking out. Major. I keep praying that little sliver of gold finds it’s way back to my finger. It would mean so much to me.

I’ve brought up these crates before, but I thought I would once again since I finally hung them on the wall instead of leaning them up against it and hoping they don’t fall. I love this getup as jewelry organization. Plus, soda crates are super easy to find and for the most part cheap, but sometimes they’ll be way overpriced. Which is stupid. Don’t by them. There will be more.


I find myself getting in a holding pattern with certain things. I tell myself I don’t want to hang this until I paint the cabinets and that won’t get done until I finish the kitchen….. Lame, I know. Finally, I have to tell myself, “Self, why don’t you do this itsy bitsy tiny project that you keep putting of for whatever lame reason. You know that when you actually do it, you will be so happy that it’s done.” So I did. And I am.

Pepsi vs. Coke

Which one are you? I’m taste-blind, Taste -less? Impartial??? Let’s just say, I’m more in the screw both and give me a root beer camp. But… I didn’t see any root beer crates.  I love the colors of the yellow coke crate and the pepsi happened to be the next one found so coke and pepsi it is.

All of my jewelry and accessories look so much better against the grayed wood.

It’s also really nice to not have to dig for twenty minutes to find that ring or bracelet whatever in a birds nest of metallic.


It looks like I need some more jewelry. Rather, it looks like I need to collect the jewelry I have laying around the house and put it away since I took the time to create this jewelry mecca.

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10 responses to “More Crates, For Real

  1. I saw a crate at an antique store the other day, but chickened out and didn’t buy it… I’m not as bold in my decorating, but I wish I were. I LOVE those crates. I don’t know which is more beautiful: crates or your jewelry.

  2. This is an adorable idea. I may need to steal it!

    Hope that ring turns up!!

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  4. Ah! I love it! I am also guilty of leaving jewelry in any random spot around the house. It’s a problem. I hope you find your ring!! :(

  5. Brilliant!

    Good luck with the ring. Bummer. :( Maybe it will just turn up magically? That has definitely happened to me.

  6. oooo i like this. they look great!
    just popped over from decor and the dog.
    hope that ring shows – and soon.
    cheryl xox.

  7. just found you through decor and the dog! LOVE your dresser- i just painted one very similarly!!!

  8. Hi, I am visiting via Decor and the Dog. I love your post there and like what you have done with the coke/pepsi crates. I have had them in mind for at least 3 projects for a while but as yet am undecided.New follower.

  9. Jen

    this is such a great idea! i have tons of jewelry and end up wearing the same ones over and over simply because i don’t ever see most of my other ones. what a great way to display!

  10. That is an awesome idea. I wish I could get hold of such crates. Lucky you.. your jewelry is now so organized.

    Thanks for linking. The party for this week – Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner – is on. Hope to see you there with latest posts.

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