Guest Post at Decor and the Dog

Today I’m guest posting at Decor and the Dog. Michelle happens to have one of my favorite blogs, and one of the first blogs I check on my reader out of the million I have on there, that’s how I can tell.

So, celebratory hugs for anyone going to check it out or came here via her blog!


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3 responses to “Guest Post at Decor and the Dog

  1. I am obsessing over the ombre paint job!!! I saw something like it on Brooklyn Limestone, but you nailed it! Unbelievable! I wouldn’t be able to get rid of it either :)

    • Gloria

      I saw the dresser on Brooklyn LImestone too! I freaked out when I saw it, because I had never seen it before, and I had already painted mine a while back.

  2. Thanks for writing the guest post!!

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