The precious. It only took three weeks to find, but backstreets back alright, baby! Wahoo. Yippee!!! I feel like I just got engaged again!!! Thanks for all the sweet wishes that i find it again!

P.s. Blogging from my phone is weird.


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10 responses to “Yessssss!

  1. YAY! So you gotta tell us where you found it?! BTW, that is a gorgeous ring!

    • Gloria

      It was under the table that I last saw it. It’s crazy, I practically strip searched that room so thoroughly, even the TSA would have been offended by my methods, so many times during the past three weeks and it was NOT there. Then all of a sudden, poof! It’s there. I’ve got to give God the credit on this one.

  2. Kristin at No Ordinary Cole

    Yea!!!!! I can’t imagine how happy ( and relieved) you must feel!

    • Gloria

      Oh my gosh, yes. I started jumping up and down and crying and when I went to give Caleb a hug, I told him I felt like we were getting engaged all over again. I was seriously in a funk because of this the past few weeks. So it’s nice to be on the other side!!

  3. woo hoo hoo hoo!!!
    that’s great news.
    it’s so beautiful – so glad you’ve found it.

    • Gloria

      Now I can start regular blogging again! I already finished two projects yesterday I can share, but when I left work that day I had every intention on coming home getting in bed, watching Damages and eating cookies. My house is so happy!

  4. Wow now that is a rock!!! Congrat’s and let the planning begin.

  5. Sooo great you found it – amazing ring, pheeeew.
    Hope you have a nice day sweets,

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