Curtain Switch Up

You may or may not remember my little challenge I gave myself for the month of July, the whole not shopping thing. I’ll have you know it was successful due to the fact that I spent a week out of town and about three weeks with no motivation for life in general. I actually did a lot of projects before the missing ring, but am just now getting around to blogging about it.

There was a lot of switching things around that just weren’t working. I love moving and constantly changing things, simply because I can. I had these curtains in my den which I was totally in love with, but as of lately was just beginning to feel totally stale. Probably because it’s not Christmas year round. Christmas makes every room better. We first moved into our house at the end of October, and instead of buying new furniture and useful things, I only bought Christmas decorations… and kept them up til March.


See what I mean? The den was being much neglected, this is before the crate wall change. The color of the dark curtains just weren’t working in here anymore, so bye bye they went. Getting rid of those curtains started an avalanche of change, but like a good avalanche.  I’ve done a lot to this room since then so it looks much improved now, except for the dog, he’s pretty much always there.


The new home for the curtains! I think it gives the room a more masculine feel. Sometimes, I feel sorry for Caleb that the house leans to feminine so I have to do something to even things out. He actually could care less and might not notice it the curtains turned hot pink. I might have to try that, I’ll keep you posted. I wouldn’t exactly tout this change up as better, just different. And sometimes, different is all I need. I’m one of those people that gets depressed when things stay exactly the same for too long. One year of the same curtains? Crazytown!


This is what my bedroom looked like before, but I used those sheer curtains for a project in our bathroom. I didn’t want to leave them hanging on the rod with a cutout like in Enchanted.  Plus, sheer curtains and light streaming through isn’t exactly winning for the migraine prone, which is something I unfortunately have to deal with. So darker, better light blocking curtains are a welcome free change to the room. My dream curtains would probably be white velvet curtains from West Elm or something.

To help tie in the darker color of the curtains, I draped a throw blanket over the headboard. I really like the pattern and texture it adds, but it’s like a total lazy move. My intention is to recover the headboard, so this is perfect for the interim. Please forgive my wrinkly duvet, the botox appointment isn’t until next week. Bummer.

For now, it works until I wake up at 2 in the morning and decide something needs to be changed… NOW.

And don’t forget the before that came before the previous before, follow? Maybe I should say “original”. Yup, this is what we moved into, home sweet home. We’ve come a long way, no?


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6 responses to “Curtain Switch Up

  1. Yes! Hot pink curtains AND botox–your room would think it was part of Real Housewives or something. ;) I think the curtains looks great in their new home. (Your bedroom is dreamy to begin with.)

  2. I LOVE the dark curtains in your already-gorgeous room. Funny you posted this because just today I broke the news to Andy that I’m sick of our solid blue curtains in our living room and their days are numbered. He was like, “But didn’t those cost money… that you spent… so we could hang them?” So I am justifying it by saying that I’ll sell them on craigslist. Which is totally realistic.

  3. LOVE the curtain swap! You’re room is turning out absolutely amazing!!! Maybe one of my faves in all of the blogosphere! The colors and the light are perfect! NICE JOB!

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