Joyful Print

The other day I was in a particularly good mood, shocking I know, and decided to try my hand at a graphic print. As an artist sometimes its difficult for me to fork over my hard earned dollars on artwork when I know I can flex my little artist fingers and come up with something I like. That’s why all of the paintings in my house are done by me. It’s not that I don’t admire other artists, I totally do, I’m just not in the financial position to throw hundreds of dollars around for art. Someday!!! But onward, I thought my gallery felt a little stale, plus I like to think I’ve matured as an artist since high school and wanted to display something more current.


Seeeeee, old gallery wall, ugh, yuck. BOOOring.


Goodbye sweet, praying Cambodia girl. Don’t worry, I did not throw you away, but this was the only frame this would fit in. It’s and 11×14.  I like the added color and before it felt a little photograph heavy. I needed the bright, cheery vibe that it brings in. Success.


Each time I look at it its like, Oh, hello God! I sure do love and appreciate everything you’ve done for me.


I even made a smaller one, 5×7, to go in some bookshelves I’m restyling. But thaaaats slow going Grr.

This print is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

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4 responses to “Joyful Print

  1. Hi Gloria! In response to your question, YES! We are planning one on Sunday, October 2nd but the time and place has yet to be determined. I’m sure I’ll advertise the heck out of it once we know! And after that, we’ll be offering it as an e-class :)

    In regards to your artwork, I think it’s great! Very uplifting :)

  2. OMG LOVE!! Love love love. And I really appreciate that you kept your gallery wall frames tight together. I LOVE that art print!

    • Gloria

      Kelly! You’re comments keep going to spam, what gives? Anyways, thank you, thank you! As for the frames, there isn’t much more room to spread them out even if it was my dying wish. That room is tiny, tiiiiny I tell ya, just under 11×11.

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