Who ISN’T Painting Their Cabinets These Days?

For rill. Erbody’s cabinets getting painted. It’s almost impossible to enter blog land for a day without see a new cabinet makeover. I’ve already painted some in my cabinets in my living room and started my kitchen cabinets a year and a half ago, almost done! Fingers crossed. And now I have another to submit.  I’m this close (picture fingers showing half inch measurement, whatever that really means anyway) to banishing all of the honey oak cabinets from my house. Actually more like orange juice oak.  Here is what it originally looked like…


Here is what I’ve most currently shown you, walls were painted and decor added.


I’ve since murdered the aloe vera plant and placed it in the dungeon that is known as “under the sink” and of course painted the cabinets. I wasn’t feeling a bright white so I went with a soft gray. It’s the same color as my dining table, Valspar Foggy Mirror. Well, half of it. That’s right, these two cabinets are two totally different colors.

I started with the sink base oh… 5 months ago, and quickly halted this project because I ran out of paint. Oops. My house isn’t SUPER close to either Lowes or Home Depot, so its kind of annoying making a trip there. Plus I couldn’t remember who sells Valspar so finally I went to Home Depot since it is right next to my work.  Apparently in these situation my brain ceases to function or remember that I COULD JUST LOOK IT UP ON MY PHONE. Oh well. I picked out a Martha Stewart color, Sharkey Gray. It’s pretty close in color and doesn’t bother me the slighest because it is D-O-N-E, done.


I’m not even gonna hide it. I painted over the hinges. It’s all got a nice, neat layer of Minwax Polycrylic over it to keep it safe, I love that stuff.

Okay one more confession, please don’t gasp… I didn’t even sand anything.

Cue Gasp.

I told you not to gasp. I wouldn’t recommend the whole not sanding thing, especially in high use areas, but like I said, it’s been up for 5 months and has withstood the dog test so I’m feeling pretty confident about it. Confident enough to admit it to you.



I’m gonna be honest with you. The countertop does nothing for this color, NOTHING. So don’t be to quick to judge!

Here’s the To Do list:

  • Replace countertop/sink/faucet, I’m thinking DIY either concrete or using mosaic tile.
  • Get new toilet paper holder. Preferable a robotic one that talks and asks how your day was
  • Fix gaping hole in the wall that is not pictured along with the scratched up trim.
  • Find product to paint over grout to make it less jarring. Any recommendations???
  • New art to replace hanging pictures. I’m sure my guests just Looove pictures of me smooching on my husband. Maybe something more interesting like an actual painting of something and not an abstract.

If you’ve got any painted cabinets, I’d love to see!

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19 responses to “Who ISN’T Painting Their Cabinets These Days?

  1. Looks great! I’m helping my mom re-do her master suite in a few weeks. She won’t let me touch the cabinets though. I”ll send her this post to get her thinking more. :P

  2. Looks great! If you haven’t yet, you should check out Michelle’s at Ten June!

  3. I am totally on board with a tp holder that asks me questions. As long as the questions stick to generic impersonal things like “how was your day” as opposed to “WHAT did you EAT today?!!?” ;) Good for you for finally finishing–we have half-completed projects glaring at me all over our house. It’s sad. The cabinets look great! :)

    • Gloria

      Where can we buy them? Sharper Image? SkyMall???
      I can totally picture it now in it’s nasally robot voice, “Wow, you really shouldn’t have had seconds on the chili.” and, of course, a guest overhearing that from the hallway.

  4. Looks great! I painted my kitchen cabinets before it was cool and haven’t looked back since. And guess what? I didn’t sand either! With a good primer, it wasn’t necessary. Almost 7 years later, they still look great. Keep it up!

  5. Looks SO much better! I am in the camp of people who believes that sanding is an important step in painting – for OTHER people – but that rule does not apply to me. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a closet non-sander too.

    • Gloria

      Melanie & Kelly you both make me feel so much better about myself. Every tutorial about cabinets or painting furniture always stresses that step as like the most important one. Honestly, it’s the reason it takes me 5 years to finish anything!

  6. I love your house. It has so much character but isn’t cluttered at all! I think you’ve just inspired me to paint my bathroom vanity! We are planning on getting a new one soon, so if I royally ef it up, it will be shortly replaced. Looks great!

    • Gloria

      Thanks Mindy! I had a minor decorating meltdown last night because things just weren’t coming together like I wanted so its always nice to get some positive reinforcement. I would have loved to get a new one or make a new one, but that would have just opened a whole renovation can of worms, so painting was the easy answer. If you paint it post pictures please! I’m sure it will be amazing!

  7. hold the phone… did you make that mirror?!?!?!? I LOVE it!!!

    • Gloria

      I so badly want to jump up and down and say yes excitedly with you, but no I didn’t make it. It was a Christmas present from Caleb, he got it at Pier 1 a couple of years ago. I loved it, but I seriously debated with myself on whether I would keep it or recreate it. In the end, sometimes time really is money. So I kept it.

      • well, it is absolutely amazing either way! NICE score Caleb! :)

      • Gloria

        I would like to add a disclaimer that I went to Pier 1 with him, took a picture on my phone and sent it to him with these words in all caps, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.” Hey, you have not ’cause you ask not! Anyways, I think he got the hint, and I was still a little surprised that he actually listened!

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  9. Nan

    Ha! Love the title! As I’m currently finishing up painting my bath cabinets…that I’ve been doing for a year. And then there will be the kitchen cabinets. Your bath is so unique…I see a brick border becoming the new trend! Gorgeous! I peeked at your etsy shop – beautiful paintings! Coming from Roomspiration – nice to meet you!

  10. Absolutely lovely! Really appreciate you linking up this great bath post at the Roomspiration blog party. Btw, I am admiring all your creativity in your blog so may I invite you also to join us at Creative Bloggers’ Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

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