Moldy Tub, How Embarrassing

I’m not going to sugar coat it. This is a boring project, and there is no way around it. Since it is one of those things that may have to be done from time to time, I figured I would share it. It was starting to feel like a camp shower that you had to wear your flip flops in. Yuck.

Dear mold, your time is up.


It was definitely wayyy past its prime, no amount of cleaning would get rid of it.


I’ve scraped out almost all of it. I used an x-acto knife and it helped get the edges really clean, plus I didn’t want to spend an extra $3 of some cheap plastic tool that may or may not get it all. So my method worked out perfectly. Once it was all cleaned out, I sprayed it down with tilex and scrubbed with Caleb’s toothbrush. Maybe it was his old one, minor details. I did make sure everything was dry before putting anything on it.


Enter the hero of the story…

I spent 15 minutes helplessly staring at all of the products in Walmart. There are a bazillion different choice and most of them looked the same. Why do I need twenty variation of the same product? After studying each and everyone of them, I grabbed my best choice and checked out. Right when I was ready to start I realized I bought clear instead of white. Boo hiss! After all that helpless staring! How could this happen to me! Determined not to let this hamper my progress and let this go unfinished for months, which is truly the Gloria way, I trudged back into Wal-mart and returned it for the right color.


Finishing this was so simple, I just ran a bead along the edge and wiped it down with my finger. Again, they make tools for this but why waste precious money equaling three double cheeseburgers when God gifted me with these precious hands that could do exactly the same thing?


Project finished in two hour for less than $3. SO worth it. Please don’t comment on why there is an off-white tub and WHITE tile, I’m very self-conscious. I’m guessing the person who designed this is also the one who left the carpet in here too. Gross.

Any house maintenance project going on with you? Do tell…


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4 responses to “Moldy Tub, How Embarrassing

  1. Ha! I totally had a dream about OUR bathroom wall falling in because we hadn’t fixed the caulk last night! How random! Well, you’ve (and my dream ;) have officially inspired me to get that sucker done! Good job!

    • Gloria

      Wow, the stars really did align on this one! It really doesn’t take long if you buy the right caulk to begin with!! The results are SO worth it. I used to have dreams that I was trying to pick out cabinets from IKEA and it was so stressful, Caleb actually had to wake me up because he thought I was having a nightmare and was whimpering too loud. Weird though because I wasn’t renovating and we lived in an apartment.

  2. Lo

    Oh geez, girl you crack me up! We are in the midst of sanding and re-staining our deck. Maintenance hell I tell you!

    • Gloria

      Oh man, I can’t imagine being outside for more than twenty minutes with the heat we have been having this summer, I’d be like sorry deck, You’ll have to wait. Good luck though!

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