Bathroom of the Future

This past weekend I finished up painting some bathroom cabinets. I shouldn’t even have to link to it, it’s two posts down, lazy.


I’ve seen the future, and I want you to see it too! I bet you didn’t know I could time travel! Hop in my DeLorean, sista and come check it out…

Okay, you called my bluff, I’m totally lying and just wanted to sound cool. Oh well. Here’s what I WANT it to look like. Preferably a little less squiggly…
future bathroom

Remember that checklist?

  • Replace countertop/sink/faucet
  • Get new toilet paper holder
  • Fix gaping hole in the wall
  • Paint over grout
  • New art

I only addressed a few of these since some things don’t show from this angle. One thing I’d like to point out is the grout. MMhmmm, scroll up then down, then up and down one more time just to compare. Anyone else hate that dark grid as much as I do? I only wanted to give you an idea of what it could look like with white grout. Much better, me says.

Now to the ca-razy countertop. It’s supposed to resemble concrete. Stop laughing. Seriously, stop. I’m not completely sold on it, I haven’t decided if I want to PAY for a “grown-up” counter top yet. I love the idea of soapstone though. I so badly want to get rid of my shell sink, who ever thought that was a good idea? I have two. Grrr.

Lastly, I threw on a vessel sink. I’d love a rectangle one though, that was just the best angle I could get. I think in the end it will be look so much better and still not cost millions of dollars.

Anyone else spend way too many hours in photoshop on things that don’t matter?

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