Technically, I am not responsible for this makeover, I’m simply reaping the benefits. Back in my teenage years when I lived with my parents, I had an orange oak dresser in my room. (I think you know how I feel about the orange oak.) Let the record show that I do appreciate wood grain. How embarrassing is this photo. Mega.

Bedroom dresser before

My mother, ever so kind and hard-working, stained this dresser. We almost got rid of it because we didn’t like the color.  I think it’s much improved from the before but who knows, maybe I’ll paint it someday! It’s now hanging out in my master bedroom and provides much needed storage. Hooray for hardworking and inspiring moms!


If you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to painting. Like an ACTUAL painting, not just the walls. It’s on canvas, for rilz.

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One response to “I Don’t Paint EVERYTHING

  1. Wow! It looks beautiful! Your mom did a nice job. :)

    (I have to admit–the adolescent in me got totally thrown by those orange…balloons…on the floor in that first picture. Oh, the shame.)

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