I Bought Some Stuff

I’ve been feeling a little brain dead lately. I’ve been getting plenty of projects done, I just don’t have the words to explain them! Here’s hoping this one will get me jumpstarted.



More Words

Ugh. Okay, time to stop stalling. So I really like my house, and style and the way it has all been coming together transitioning from a kid to like adult stuff. There are still a few gaps when it comes to certain things, especially accessories.

My built-in cabinet that I painted a while back never really got the full star treatment it deserved. It was poorly decorated once it was done and since then, most of the items have been transplanted to another part of the house. All of the frames went to the gallery wall in the studio and the other knick knacks went on the shelves above the sofa. It was totally desolate.


It sat empty for awhile because styling isn’t exactly my forte. I just don’t have enough stuff but I really don’t feel like spending a ton of money on those things. I was watching Interiors INC on HGTV and they decorated two large bookshelves and mentally I was trying to calculate how much it cost to decorate them and I bet it ended up being over a thousand dollars. I don’t have a thousand dollars for ACCESSORIES. But I do have $25.

New Package for Bookshelf

I bought a couple of items from Kohl’s. Don’t underestimate their home decor items. I bought two coral pieces online. (Find it here and here.) I used a 20% off coupon to discount it even further to $25 for the two. I won’t buy anything from Kohl’s without a coupon, it’s just foolish even if it is already heavily discounted, the extra discount helps! I was excited when the package finally arrived so I sucked it up and got to finishing my cabinets.

Full Bookshelves

This is the finished picture. I’m going to try to make as few excuses as possible because I don’t LOVE the finished product. But here it is. It’s PROGRESS. Not everything can be wham bam done. Especially for a neurotic person like me. I would be staring at these shelves till one in the morning and Caleb would beg me to come to sleep.

New Bookshelves 4

Here is one of the coral pieces I got. I so wish I had a beach!

New Bookshelves 2

Here’s the other.  Still not crazy about this shelf but I love my new coral.

New Bookshelves1

This is my favorite shelf, I love the colors and that white bird. All the vintage books come from my mom, I keep telling her to pick up more for me. I want the appearance of being well read. I’m just not a person that OWNS a lot of books.  When I was in high school the only “real” books I would read were true crime books written by FBI profilers. Something about it fascinated me even though I could never go into a field like that.

Now I’m way off subject and have run out of words to say. I’ll leave you with this…


More words

Even more words



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11 responses to “I Bought Some Stuff

  1. I like going to thrift stores- you never know what you may find and can spray paint that would look chic up there! But I like the shelf

  2. Tyrene Hickman

    I love your blog and your use of words. :) and the way you decorate your home! I have been wanting some coral also and actually looked online for some, but haven’t found the right pieces, so I need to check where you bought yours, thanks for the link. I don’t know you, but feel like I do! It all looks beautiful and full of personality!

    • Gloria

      Oh thanks for the sweet comment, it means so much, really!! Kohl’s had two other pieces available, I wanted all of them, but I just bought the cheapest ones.

  3. I totally agree about the styling thing–you need LOTS of STUFF to make it look right! And mainly knick knack stuff, which I am trying to avoid right now because it just makes a mess in some abandoned corner in my “craft” room…(I don’t actually craft in my craft room, by the way…) It’s not always easy to work with what you have, so I think you’ve made good progress!

    P.S. I still love the color on the back of the shelves. :)

    P.P.S. Thank you for your encouragement on my post today…that’s all I need to hear to know I’m doing the right thing by posting not always about house stuff. :)

  4. I hate design shows. Especially ones that say they style on a budget and then spend $1000. Wish that was my budget.

    Love your updates. Keep rocking the coral. ;)

  5. Kristin @ No Ordinary Cole

    I think it looks great! Do n’t underestimate your power to accessorize!

  6. YES. This is why accessorizing is so hard. Because you need thousands of dollars of stuff and it must all be fabulous. But i think your update looks SO good, and I’m especially digging the coral! I can’t believe it came from kohls!

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