New Buttons

I feel so blessed by all of the sweet, encouraging words that were left yesterday. I feel such a sense of clarity after getting those words out and it helped me monumentally. Thank you for listening. You help so much!

Today I thought I would share a teeny tiny update that has absolutely nothing to do with paint… or my house. It’s my sweater! When I bought it, it was missing TWO buttons and only had one backup button. So I took them all off and left it buttonless for awhile, out of sheer laziness, nothing else. Finally, when I got around to it I put some new fun buttons on it and it gives it more character now.

I chose orange, because I love me some unexpected character. Even though I have a hundred other sweaters to wear, I find myself grabbing this one the most. It keeps my outfits from getting too snoozy.

I’ve done this with quite a few items in my closet and its so simple. All it takes is some new buttons, a needle and thread. No tutorial here, sorry. I did this awhile ago, but was wearing this today, and thought, “Hey, I should share this!” So I did. And here it is.

I’ve changed buttons on a few other “cheap” pieces I buy. My sister and I complain about that a lot. Some items you can just tell they were cheap because of the buttons, but changing them out is an easy fix. Kinda like replacing the hardware on cabinets and dressers. Same concept!

I know what you’re thinking….



As for the orange, I don’t know, I just love the unexpected pop. It may not be your cup of tea, so it’s a good thing I’m the one drinking it!

P.S.   I rarely wear scarves, but I did today because I spilled salsa on my shirt… Last night… Because I wore it TO BED!!!



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6 responses to “New Buttons

  1. Love the look, what a great idea. That scarf is beautiful, just the final touch to finish off the look.

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  3. Tyrene Hickman

    That’s a great idea! I have sewn buttons back on because they fell off, but never thought of switching them out! Plus, sometimes especially a white sweater might look “plain” or I like your word better snoozy . It looks white anyway, anyhow it looks stylish! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Love the orange! It spices it up. As for the salsa-fied sleep shirt, um…. I’ve done it ;) No woories chica.

  5. I’m still wearing the shirt I slept in last night. :) This is a GREAT idea!

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