Shorty Look Good, Time to Whistle At Her

What did I do this weekend? Plenty. My favorite though, was spending time with my mom, and sister knocking out some senior pics.

My sister, Marci, is normally a pretty low key kind of girl, but we got to dress her up for this occasion. I did her hair, makeup, and picked out her clothes. I don’t know what happened, it was like all of a sudden she just turned into an adult. She is no longer my baby sis, but a SENIOR, like in HIGH SCHOOL. Crazytown. There is maybe six years between us, but to me, the memory of her being a sweet quiet little girl is forever etched in my mind. It doesn’t matter that she is now taller that me and can drive on the highway, no she is just a little girl!


We ventured out to a few places around town. The coolest place was an old amusement park graveyard. It’s what is left of Bell’s for you natives. My mother did an awesome job as location scout, driver, sweat wiper offer, and drink purchaser.


Marci did an awesome job of modeling! Look at those blue eyes! She is so gorgeous!


I love the necklace she wore. We have a jewelry store that sells everything for $1, so this is three necklaces stacked together. Do the math, that’s a $3 necklace! I love stacking my necklaces because I’m too cheap to spend tons of money on jewelry, I lose it or it breaks. That’s my irresponsible history.



I took all of the pictures with my plain old point and shoot camera because that’s all I have. No fancy T3 yet. If it matters though, it’s hot pink. Then I did some photoshop editing. I’m not a professional photographer and don’t claim to be nor am I professional photo editor, but I did the best I could!

This fun photo shoot cost $4.26 for drinks and snacks. You can’t beat that!


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6 responses to “Shorty Look Good, Time to Whistle At Her

  1. My little sis started 9th grade this year and is almost my height…and has bigger boobs than me. :-P You’re so blessed to have a sister to hang out with and make memories with! Love the $3 necklace–can you request that such a store be built near me?

    And the use of the hot pink camera totally matters. I definitely believe that it would take better pictures than, say, some boring old black camera like the one currently in my possession. ;)

    • Gloria

      Well, my OTHER younger sister is a model and spent three months in Japan. It’s like how did I draw the short straw?
      I’m not normally the pink kind of girl, but sometimes without prior knowledge I’ll look down at what I’m wearing and notice it’s HEAD TO TOE pink. I’m talking full on Elle Woods. Pink stripes on my glasses, HOT PINK trench coat, pink on my shoes, and nails. Who roofied me then dressed me in all pink?!?!?!

  2. What point & shoot is it?! They look super professional!

    • Gloria

      I think it would be something like this one. I got my camera almost a year ago and it looks like they’ve already release a newer version. But like I said, I did some work in photoshop which helped class it up a bit.

  3. WHY did you do this with a point and shoot and I have a DSLR that won’t listen to a word I say?

    PS – Your sister is gorgeous!

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