Look At All Those Legs

I believe in miracles
Where you from,
you sexy thang

I like to sing my songs with a little twang in ’em. You know, I’m from Oklahoma after all. We ALL talk like that and ride horses into town. But I digress.



Do you SEE those legs?!? Just stare them up and down until that table feels uncomfortable.


So pretty. You may think it was a crime to paint over the wood, but it was just mehhh. At first, I wanted to keep the tabletop with a stained wood grain, but I did something to screw that up. I’m still not exactly sure what I did, I put something on it that wasn’t stain and then the stain wouldn’t take to it regardless of how much I sanded it down. It’s a shame because the top was really pretty.

6 Leg Table4

I ended up painting it gray with a little red accent. I love blue, but sometimes it just needs a break and I find red is a good color for that. You’re probably DYING to compare this side of the room to what is looked like before, so let me oblige you…
Unimpressive. It was pretty plain before, almost anything would have been an improvement. My favorite part? I PUT A BIRD ON IT! Can you find it below?

6 Leg Table36 Leg Table 2

After I painted it gray and did the red, it still felt unfinished so I put some diagonal white stripes on top. I’m still on the fence about it. I intended to do the WHOLE top, but got this far and thought the whole thing might be a bit much. Maybe I’m wrong. I does  kinda give me an 80’s neon vibe. I guess if I’m complaining about it this much that might mean I don’t really like it. Ohhh I don’t know! The indecisive mind! Gahh!

6 Leg Tabletop3

6 Leg Tabletop 2

6 Leg Table

I also wanted to point out my cute new bookends! My mom picked them up from an estate sale and I snatched them up first chance I got. Victory!

6 Leg Tabletop

ANDDDD my cute new feather tray! I got it online from Kohl’s along with my coral. The tray was only $8. I’m telling you Kohl’s has cute home stuff.

Feather Tray

That’s all!

The Shabby NestSomewhat Simple


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11 responses to “Look At All Those Legs

  1. Teri

    Enjoy your blog and your interesting spin on things. Also LOVE the gray table!! Did you spray it?

  2. Oooo, I like the table. A lot. I actually like the stripe choice. Just enough interest without being too crazy. I don’t like the bird though only because birds freak me out.

  3. Love the pop of red & the stripe accents! Those legs!!! Meow!

  4. looks fantastic and LOVE the little pop of red! :)

  5. Your table is to me what the girls in school today were to all straight males with clear vision. (In honor of picture day the girls were prancing around wearing the shortest, tightest skirts possible without violating dress codes. I would like to find and kill whoever is selling these atrocities to mere adolescents.) In other words, it’s hot. ;) I like its legs AND its colors AND its stripes. You have such a fun style. :)

  6. NICE LEGS! And beautiful room! That headboard is amazing!

    • Gloria

      Agreed, I LOVE that headboard! It’s my aunt’s that I’m “keeping at my place” until she can do something with it, I hope never.

  7. Micky

    And to think that table was sitting out in the snow at an antique store in Elk Rapids, MI. I’m sure it thanked you for its new life, and place of honor. Well done, love the stripes, and I am coming to terms with painting furniture! You do it so well!


    Mom ;-)

  8. Kristin @ No Ordinary Cole

    Great choice of colors! Love it! What a transformation your room has made!

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  10. Claire

    I love the bird.

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