The Pillow Formerly Known as Tea Towel

It’s Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!!! I don’t know why I’m so excited about that but, oh wait! I do know… It’s my anniversary! Been married for three years now. It has gone by so fast. Sometimes I still feel like we’re in highschool. When the heck did I grow up and become old enough to get married and how in the world has it been THREE years?!? I never in 4.2 BILLION years (because that’s how “old” the “earth” “is”, Guffaw!) would have thought that at age twenty-three that I would have been married for three years… to a captain of the football team. Me?!?!? The Art Nerd! I love you Caleb! Happy Anniversary to ME!!

Okay, so this tea towel. It’s such a lovely shade of turquoise and my mom picked up these two at an estate sale. They kinda sat in a bag for a while before I decided to put them to use. I’m on a kick of getting all of the tiny little projects done, and this is one of them. Oh it feels so good to clean out the clutter and MAKE STUFF. No more “someday” or “eventually” excuses.

My one condition is that I didn’t want to spend any money on it, for like the filling. I did what any sane person does and tore open some old pillows I didn’t use anymore but didn’t have the cahones to throw away. What if I NEED it someday! I think that’s a hoarders mentality. IMG_2170
Here is is all sewn up now. I made it the fastest way which doesn’t include a zipper or a way to get the stuffing out. It’s okay though because it’s going in one of those not used very much rooms.


It looks lumpy because I was just testing it out. Success, it works! I really love the  pillow with all of the colors with the newly painted side table.


Finished Table 1

Haha dog butt! He’s been working out and just wants to be applauded for his efforts. Silly Durant. Maybe I’ll submit this to pets on furniture.


Well, that’s one less bag of stuff to do laying around. What have you been working on?

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10 responses to “The Pillow Formerly Known as Tea Towel

  1. Tyrene Hickman

    First, Happy Anniversary to You and your husband! Second, I have been up to some of the same things as you…tearing up the old pillows, which included the feather stuffing, boy those feathers were EVERYWHERE! and then re stuffing it into pillows I made! Your towel/pillow, is beautiful! Love the detail on it!

    • Gloria

      Thank you! I have a down mattress pad that I’m debating turning it into a sofa cushion, but I guess I haven’t fully thought about the messy consequences.

  2. You have such a lovely blog! Congrats on three years.

  3. Happy anniversary! And happy birthday to your new pillows. They are beautiful! LOVIN that color!

  4. Ooh pretty! I love the color and the detailing on the pillow. I think reusing old pillows is the best way to go!

    (How are those 999,999 other ones coming? Did you talk Caleb into spending a romantic anniversary evening making pillows?) ;)

  5. Happy anniversary, a couple of days late! You’re so young to be married for three years already! That’s awesome, good for you guys. I’m going to race home from work tonight. . . I am about 99.99% sure I have the exact. same. tea towels. That’s right. Tea Towel Twins. Have a good weekend.

    • Gloria

      I know, I’m just a kid! It’s like the older I get, the younger I realize I was and still am. I REALLY hope you make a pillow and take a picture!

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