Three Years Ago Today…

first Kiss

wedding4Picture 022

Picture 007

Picture 009
Picture 020

Picture 010

Picture 016

Picture 012

Picture 013

Picture 026

Picture 018

Picture 024

That’s my dad :)


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12 responses to “Three Years Ago Today…

  1. What gorgeous photos! Your eyes are stunning! Happy anniversary:)

  2. Awww yay :) Happy anniversary! We also celebrated our 3rd anniversary this year–did it fly by, or was it just me?!

    You guys look so happy in your pictures, and like you’re having so much fun. :)

    • Gloria

      It goes by SO fast! How does it go by so fast, and when did I even become an adult? At least I’m still wrinkle-less, for now. We had so much fun at our wedding!

  3. happy anniversary…all the photos are just AMAZING

  4. Gorgeous pictures. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Gorgeous! Congrats on the 3 year mark.

  6. Oh my! Those are some beautiful pictures! You and the Hubs look wonderful together!

  7. Kristin @ No Ordinary Cole

    Congratulations! Your pics are gorgeous!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Your photos are gorgeous. Looks like such a pretty event.

  9. reenie

    WOW….I love your hair dark!!

    • Gloria

      It was straight black! Currently, I have two inches of it left in my hair because I’ve been growing it out. I’ve had every color under the sun with black being the longest. I’m testing my patience and shooting for blonde right now… We’ll see.

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