Project Gallery Page

Since not everyone who reads my blog has followed since I started or taken the time to go through I created a project gallery page with links to each project I’ve done AND PICTURES people! So if you don’t already have enough blogs to read… I currently have 228 posts sitting in my reader, all from this weekend… then you should check it out here!

It ended up taking me a lot longer to put it all together than I thought it would. I didn’t realize I had almost fifty projects, why do I always feel so lazy? I need to be a little softer on myself.  Some of the project are a little more exciting than others, so don’t judge. Just hoping it makes things easier to find if you’re interested. Click away!


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3 responses to “Project Gallery Page

  1. The link you posted links back to the post, not the Project Gallery page. You have done some gorgeous projects!

  2. Love this page! It’s so organized!!! I have a project page that’s been a draft for like 3 months. Lazy Lazy

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