Doggie Duvet

I am a mean, terrible, horrible person. That’s what Elway would say if you asked him about me. You see, I refuse to let him sleep in the bed. He is too BIG and DIRTY and just plain INTRUSIVE. Who wants that??? Well, Caleb for one, but not I. They both lost this battle. Being the only girl in the house, I get a little more veto power and I exercised my right. Elway still constantly gets up on the bed and it drives me INSANE. He literally jumps from the kitchen onto the bed which is crazy far away. Sometimes I want to strangle that dog.

He has grown out of the stupid chewing everything phase which demolished his previous dog bed. You know, it’s kinda hard to force a dog to sleep on the floor without giving them an acceptable alternative. I figured I could make him a bed because they cost way to much in the store, aren’t even big enough, and don’t match anything. The last point is VITAL.

Enter my old curtains. Perfect amount of fabric, doesn’t clash and don’t need ’em anymore for . SCORE.


I wanted this to be a BIG bed so I didn’t even cut it down. To start, I folded it over inside out and sewed along the edges.


Once the sides are all sewn up, I just turned it right side out and put in a giant pillow that I made from old stuffing and styrofoam  I had laying around the house. Seriously, it was an old cushion that was too big to fit in the closet so it was just standing against the wall in the living room.  Something HAD to be done.

Here it is all stuffed up. My own little, er GIANT, doggie duvet. This is the back side so you can see how it goes in.


This is the top side. I know it looks kinda lumpy, but c’mon, it’s for a DOG. He doesn’t care. He eats poop. And dried worms. He is SO not a diva. Durant on the other hand totally is. What is it about small dogs?


Elway loves it! And it’s a better size compared to his old one which was the extra large size but was NOT extra large because half of his body hung off it. He actually sleeps on it! But sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I find him sneaking onto the bed, then I do the figure S snap in the dark and he hops down feeling all defeated. I win.


Durant likes it too. He thinks its just his size. I think not.


Check out that booty! Showoff!


You know what was harder than making it was trying to get a decent picture of the dogs. It felt like The Ring or some horror movie, every time I took a picture then looked in the camera something terrible came up.


Oh no! Seven DAYS!


So that’s all. I’m off to get my THIRD cup of chai today.





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14 responses to “Doggie Duvet

  1. Kristin @ No Ordinary Cole

    Your dogs are adorable! Sadly, because I have two small dogs, I gave in and let them both sleep with us. I am proud of your will power to resist their cute, Louth faces at night! Love the doggy bed, lumps and all!

    • Gloria

      Oh, I should clarify, the little one sleeps with us! He starts out at Caleb’s feet but by the time I wake up in the morning I’m spooning him. I like to think he doesn’t want us to feel left out and divides his time equally.

  2. Oooh looks super comfy! And WHY are all dog beds SO ugly?! This idea is brilliant.

    • Gloria

      Most of them are so ugly, I don’t get it. In Walmart the other day, Caleb and I saw a dog bed (WAY too small for Elway) and it was a faux fur, so soft and actually really pretty. I came dangerously close to buying three and using them as Euro shams. I’m embarrassed to even admit it, even Caleb was considering it with me for a little too long before we came to our senses.

  3. hahaha you make me laugh. :) Great solution to the ugly dog bed problem!

    And you GO girl, snapping that S at those dogs. I wonder what my students would do if I did that…

  4. I love it! It looks great! My chocolate lab loves her dog duvet too. I don’t have any sewing skills so I got mine from MollyMutt. They have some good designs too – most dog beds are so ugly. Love this post…You’re funny :) (Our dogs don’t sleep with us either).

    • Gloria

      I saw some I wanted to buy SO bad, but I just can’t justify spending so much money on something that may or may not get ripped up. I bought a $10 bed for the little one and it lasted a DAY. Maybe not even a full day because when I came home it was ripped to shreds, and still is. I haven’t cleaned it up yet!

  5. Ahh, it’s huge. I love it. Looks like Elway does too! I also love the outtakes. Demon dog photos kill me.

    • Gloria

      I had like fifty photos to choose from, it was hard to narrow it down. Elway feels so special on his bed, but he still wants to be with us. It’s a work in progress…

  6. Ha! Yeah, probably not good to buy something like that when you have chewers/shredders. Ours don’t do that so I know it would be safe. I love that you re-used old curtains – looks great!

    • Gloria

      Once he grew out of the chewing stage, we got Durant, the small dog, who was a terrible influence on him and together they get into all kinds of trouble.

  7. Just want to start off by saying your dog’s are adorbs! Making a duvet cover bed is such an excellent idea!! I might just have to try it myself (but with something much smaller since my dog isn’t as big as yours)

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