Dog Food Storage

There’s nothing worse than having to sneeze after you just swallowed eighty percent of the food in your mouth because that usually means you don’t have to worry about about swallowing the other twenty percent. My poor computer screen, oh well I guess I didn’t need those calories. Sorry KitKat, you were delicious though. That has absolutely nothing to do with anything except that it just happened.

What I REALLY wanted to share with you is my dog food storage. If I didn’t know and hang out with me I would think I was obsessed with my dogs, my husband knows this is not entirely the case. They drive me CRAZY about sixty to one hundred percent of the time (What’s my deal with percentage all of a sudden?) all the hair, mud, slobber, sneaking out of the yard four times in one week, fixing holes under the fence after each prison break, the tearing up of drywall, the barking, the vomiting, the STILL peeing inside the house even though I thought we were done with that, the humping each other on OUR bed where I SLEEP, having to change the sheets every three days because of all the invisible dirt, hair, and yuck that only I can see and not Caleb but doesn’t mean it’s not there, the garbage from the trash can when they go all CSI up on it, and having to let them out in the morning at crazy hours that I should not even know exist. Enough complaining.

Previously I had been using a woven hamper in the den by the back door to keep the food in. It worked fine when we just had one dog, but when one turned into two, it was one dog food bag in the hamper the other sitting unattractively in the middle of the room. Plus it had seen better days no thanks to Durant.


Look closely, there is a dog INSIDE the food basket.


Always trying to get in….

Preferring to eat the food in the basket rather than what was laid out for him. He tells me its the “experience”…

Whatever it was, changed needed to happen but I wasn’t necessarily on the hunt for it. I was strolling through Ross looking for something different entirely, saw this and had the light bulb moment. Perfect size, perfect pattern, doubles as seating and isn’t as easy to sneak inside. Sold.

The pattern fits perfectly inside my home. It wasn’t as cheap as I would like, I prefer free, but it was still on the low end at $36. Which is worth it considering the headache that it was before. IMG_2267
Success! It all fits!IMG_2269


Where do you keep your pet food?


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8 responses to “Dog Food Storage

  1. Cute! Your descriptions make me giggle :)

    We have a gigantic mutt that required a gigantic bag of food so we bought a large plastic bin that sits in the garage with his food, chews and treats! The cat food is also in a tall and skinny plastic bin and that can roll around and fits perfectly in our pantry :)

    • Gloria

      Oh I wish we had a pantry! That’s what was a problem for us, no pantry and the garage isn’t convenient enough to get to in the morning. It’s crazy how big these bags of dog food are! Oh the things we do for our pets.

  2. Megan

    This post made my day! It had me trying to hold in my laughter at work (you know, so the bosses don’t think I’m laughing at the voices in my head.)

    We have 2 wiener dogs and a Shepski (our made up name for Shepperd/Husky) who run the house. The wiener dogs eat all the cat food, which I have yet to find a solution for. For the dog food, we have an ugly plastic bin, so you’ve totally inspired me. And nothing screams “I’ve got style!” like an ugly bin filled with dog food in the middle of the dining room.

    • Gloria

      I’m glad haha!! Why do the little dogs want what they can’t have? I have to put a tiny scoop of “big dog food” in his bowl otherwise, he would starve to death. Ridiculous.

  3. This is a great idea! Love the dog IN the dog food. :) We keep our cat food unattractively on display, but I don’t intend to keep it that way…

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Our dog is a weirdo and doesn’t eat much so we keep it in a small plastic storage container in our mudroom.

    I can totally understand the “experience” thing…fancy dog. :P

  5. I keep my dog food in drawers. I had a cabinet next to my fridge that was used mostly for storage of seldom used appliances. I replaced it with a couple of unfinished drawer bases. The dog food goes into the two largest drawers & the rest of their “accessories” (toys, bling, collars, leashes, etc.) go in the rest of the drawers. I love having my doggie center.

  6. Tyrene Hickman

    I love your post! And your ideas! I would have never thought of that…those four legged loves are sure worth it all!

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