Halloween: A Brief Costume History

I went back and forth about a dozen times deciding if I would make a post of then and then ultimately decided that heck yes I would because the world NEEDS to see this.

This is last year’s costume. Not terribly exciting for me, we went as Deb and Dexter from, wait for it… Dexter.

There was another party the next night and I thought, Duh! I’ll be one of his “kills”. I wore a beige slip then wrapped myself in saran wrap until it was completely opaque and the right length and coverage! I bought three packages of saran and only used one! People were asking me how many it took.  $1.63, ya’ll.   I’m STILL annoyed I didn’t have someone take a picture for us so you can see what it all looked like. IMG_0017

I’m going to skip 2009, I was Kim K, with a black dress and pillow stuffed in some shorts underneath. Caleb was Edward from Twilight. Yes, he is a TOTAL Twi-hard. Not even kidding. I’m still bothered that we didn’t get to do a couples costume. I LIVE for couples costumes and I was too stubborn to be Bella ’cause how boring is that?!?

So this is 2008, our first Halloween as married people!!! What better way to celebrate than to dress in drag! Meet Dog the bounty hunter and his wife.halloween 001
Gross. Seriously gross but so fun.

halloween 003halloween 002

Ahhh yes, 2006. I have a thing for making my own costumes, always have one year I spray painted a clown wig so I could go as Richard Simmons. Here I am as a lollipop made out of styrofoam and our faces covered in eyeshadow to match. Not paint! Eyeshadow. Awesome. Halloween

Oh and my lovely husband, this is before we started dated. When this picture was taken, the though hadn’t even crossed our minds. We were just acquaintances.  Him, a former captain of the football team and her, the art nerd.

halloween 004
halloween 009
OOPS! That’s not a costume, just a typical outfit for me in highschool.

And lastly, we didn’t aren’t doing anything for Halloween this year. BUT we were flipping channels yesterday and Hocus Pocus was on. We were laughing at Bette Midler’s makeup and how freaky her lips are. Naturally, I ran to get my makeup and recreate it on us immediately. I mostly can’t believe Caleb consented! Then I tried to kiss him on the lips but couldn’t bring myself to do it I was laughing so hard.

Happy Halloween! Be safe!


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5 responses to “Halloween: A Brief Costume History

  1. Those are all fantastic! I LOVE that you make your creative outfits and don’t buy them! My kinda gal :)

  2. Hah, awesome! We went as Deb and Dexter this year – got a lot of high fives. Our neighbor is a former cop, so he gave me all kinds of stuff for my belt, my hair saw a middle part for the first time in it’s life, and I went with a plaid shirt and navy pants.

  3. Amazing. That is all I have to say. I love Hocus Pocus. I will look at Bette in a new light now….

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