Baby Shower Invitations, Ya’ll

I’m that Okie. The one who claims to have NO southern accent whatsoever, but uses the term ya’ll quite frequently. It’s downright embarrassing.

Without further ado… Do you have any idea what this stack of pretties means?

invites 017

Invitation time! I seriously LOVE invitations. The layers, texture, colors, designs!! OOhh lala! I even love receiving them. I just love snail mail. I’m thiiis close (picture finger measurement) to getting Caleb to send me surprise love notes through the ACTUAL mail with stamps and everything. Getting the mail is MY thing, he KNOWS not to touch the mailbox even if it is only magazines I don’t read, catalogs and bills, it still thrills me to no end the hopes that something pretty and shiny will come through.

invites 019

These are for a sweet baby girl coming along named Emerson, I think that’s such an adorable name.  It was all styled after her mama’s nursery. She’s really into the floral/ graphic combination and I totally love it.

invites 018

In case you’re wondering, It’s a Girl!


Since there were so many patterns and colors going on, I kept the main invitation very simple so it didn’t get too overwhelming, I’ll admit it’s borderline.  Anyone else ever do that thing, when you stare at a certain word for too long it starts to sound and look all funny and you’re convinced, that’s not how you spell it? I’ve been doing that with these a lot so if you spot a misspelling, do me a favor and don’t tell me. Ignorance is bliss, ya’ll.

invites 015

The back of the sleeve has her name on it for all the monogrammed gifts. All I can think is gosh I hope I spelled it right, even though it’s been proofed by the recipient and I’ve checked the email TEN times now. I’ll have to close my eyes and hand them off…

invites 012

invites 022

It’s time for me to say goodbye and send these invitations to the rightful owner who will address, stamp, and mail them then they will be opened, glanced at, maybe placed on a fridge for a couple weeks if I’m lucky, then thrown away. This post was created so that they will live on forever. I love you, invitations.

If you haven’t seen my other invitations check out the Lingerie Invites, Diamond Bridal Shower Invites or check out my website,, to get the scoop on what it is I do! I’m open for business if you have any invitation needs. Just email me at gloss(dot)create(at)

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6 responses to “Baby Shower Invitations, Ya’ll

  1. Don’t worry; I only lived in Texas for three years, but I still bust out a y’all now and then. The invites are gorgeous, great work!

    ~Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One

  2. Catherine

    Gorgeous! You might want to photoshop out some personal info though!

  3. Gloria

    Oh thanks! I grabbed the wrong image initially, I’ll have to switch it out.

  4. Those look sooooo good. I love the chevron print in the envelope.

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