30 Day Photography Challenge

Michelle over at Ten June  is hosting a 30 Day Photo Challenge and I decided to join in on the fun. I love her blog, subscribe immediately.

Ten June 30 Day Photo Challenge

I didn’t really do every single day, but I did do a lot and decided to lump them all into one post. Most of them speak for themselves. I had so much fun working on this photo challenge, it was like being in art class again. And I LOVED art class. Here we go!!!!

Day 01_Self Portrait

Day 02_What I Wore

Day 03_clouds

Day 04_Something Green

Day 05_from a high angle

Day 06_From a low angle

Day 07_Fruit

What? No fruit? No problem.

Day 08_A Bad Habit

I scratch off my nail polish way before it’s ready to go, in case you’re wondering what it is.

Day 09_Someone I Love

Day 10_A Childhood Memory

Animal cracker wars.

Day 11_Something Blue

Day 14_Eyes
Day 17_Technology
Day 18_My Shoes
Day 19_something orange
Day 21_Faceless Self Portrait
Day 25_Something Pink
Day 26_close up
Day 27_from a distance

Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan, SO beautiful. Take me back!

Day 28_Flowers

Yeah, they aren’t real. So what? All in all I had a lot of fun doing this and playing with my camera. It makes me want to find more “challenges” and see what comes of it. Who knows, maybe I’ll make my own!

Happy Friday!


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10 responses to “30 Day Photography Challenge

  1. These were fun to peruse! Thanks for sharing, pretty lady!

  2. Wow your photos are amazing! You are so creative and super talented with the camera :)

  3. Gorgeous shots! The animal cookies are so sweet. Really creative and inspiring shots.

  4. They all look great! I particularly like the childhood memory and your faceless self portrait.

  5. Great faceless self portrait I considered doing the same thing.

  6. Oh how I love your childhood memory shot. Really love the faceless self portrait too. Great job!

  7. Micky

    Love your take on life! Also, Sleeping Bear is sooo beautiful! I took Dad there!

  8. Ann

    These are all so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them!

  9. These are awesome! Animal crackers remind me of my childhood too. I wouldn’t eat their feet because they were dirty. I was an awesome child.

    I need to take part in one of these “challenges.” Must get on that!

  10. Mindy@fsl

    You are so talented. Great angles. I think I may do this challenge for fun! Actually, the more I think about it, this would be perfect as a photography scavenger hunt for my photography students

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