Painting Family Heirlooms

Wow, I’ve been so neglectful of blogging. Lately I’ve felt like I’m in some kind of a haze and kind of moody. To be honest, sometimes I just don’t feel like my life is that interesting, so what is there to even blog about? Things just haven’t been the same since Durant went missing. My little spark is missing, but it’s been nearly a month and life must go on.

I’ve had this chair for as long as I can remember. Well my family has had this chair for as long as I can remember. I used to sit on it in the kitchen while my mom cooked or used it to get into the tall cabinets when I used to be to small. It has seen a lot of use! I think my great grandfather made it… Mom?? is that right? Anyways, I wanted to keep it and my mom didn’t care if I painted it. So I did.

Picture 030

Welcome to 2011, chair.

Picture 031
In case you didn’t know already, Kilz Spray Primer is like the best thing, ever. Sometimes it kind of expensive but such a time saver, like whoah. I thought about leaving it white, but my kitchen needs a little more color in it.

Picture 032

I gave it a once over of Catalina Mist by Krylon. I’ve had that can forever, but for some reason never used it.  It’s really pretty though.
Picture 034

I can’t wait to have a little rugrat of my own someday to hang out with me in the kitchen using this chair. I’m not the most sentimental person ever, I get a rush filling up a trash bag of stuff to throw away, but sometimes, I do like to hang on to certain things and being reminded of the history.
house 012

Once I finished spraying it blue, I gave it a white wash with paint. I could’ve sanded it. In fact, that was the original plan. Turns out this was so much faster. Awesome.

house 011house 008


And there it sits, happily ever after… For now.


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4 responses to “Painting Family Heirlooms

  1. Blogging is hard. It’s such a weird little land.

    I like your heirloom make-over. I need to dig in my parents’ basement for pieces like this!

  2. Gloria, I am so sad for you guys and your dog. :( I hope he shows up soon, safe and sound.

    I’m also not usually sentimental about stuff, but you’re right, there’s something special about giving new life to something that once belonged to family members. We just brought a few tables from my parents’ attic that we’re hoping to “welcome to 2011.” I love the paint color you chose!

  3. Jennie Gift

    I love your bag…. most know where I can get my hands on one :)

    • Gloria

      It’s a Vera Bradley bag, there are TONS of colors and sizes to choose from! Dillards has them along with a lot of specialty gift shops.

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