Slightly Nautical Baby Shower Invitations

I just wrapped up another set of invitations, this one for a boy’s baby shower. For me invitations are like the ultimate crafting, I enjoy it so much! It also has a bit to do with a slow blog since I’ll work on it when I get home for a week straight. It doesn’t always leave time for everything else.

angie 004

The style I was going after was a nautical pottery barn with a mix of modern and vintage, but not sailor. I both love and hate how many layers I put into invitations. I love it because of all the textures and interest, that’s what makes it special. I hate it when I’m stuffing the fiftieth envelope and still not done and my back aches because I’m laying in bed trying doing all of this with Caleb while watching an entire season of Animal Planet’s The Haunted on Netflix, because I love animals AND ghost shows win-win. THEN when I remember to move, I can HEAR my back creaking and Caleb can too… from the kitchen. Oh how I long for my craft table, I need a truck to bring it over!!!

angie 005

angie 006

The directions were printed on tracing paper. It give this awesome crinkly texture. I wanted it to have a vintage map feel to it. Let’s hope the directions are correct and I don’t get all of the party guests lost! That would be hilarious! NOT.

angie 008

angie 010

Here’s a list of my other invitations:

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My Portfolio

I specialize in hand crafted invitations at affordable rates. No job is too big or small, and I have a quick turnaround. Email me at gloss(dot)create(at)gmail(dot)com for more info.

Is anyone else amazed at the number of babies popping out right now? I keep hearing that the US birth rate is down, but you seriously could have fooled me.  I feel like everyday there is a new pregnancy announcing itself…

Happy Pre-Pre-Thanksgiving!



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4 responses to “Slightly Nautical Baby Shower Invitations

  1. those are so cute!! do you have like a brick & mortar store in tulsa or are you just online? i was just asking because we come to oklahoma for christmas every year (owassa, broken arrow and lake ten killer) and we usually go to tulsa to hit up the football fan store for OSU gear and i wanted to say hi in person! :)

  2. Victory

    Gloria, love your blog and designs! Original and inspiring.

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