I Really Love Lamp

Consider me frustrated for forgetting to take a before shot. You see, I had this lamp, and it was brass kinda like the one below. While it could have worked in my decor as plain ol’ brass lamp, I was craving something different.

I found the perfect drum shade from Ross for $14.00. I wish they had ten, I would have bought all of them.

For the lamp base, I picked pink! First I sprayed it with Krylon’s white primer that I had on hand. For smaller, more detailed projects I totally prefer Krylon over Kilz. Krylon comes out way smooth and gives the perfect base coat for a project like this. Kilz I like for furniture, but sometimes comes out chunky.

After the primer I finished it up with Krylon spray paint in Watermelon. The color is not exactly subtle but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s taking a lot of self control to not paint any and everything pink. I love being a girl.

lamp 010

Drool. It is exactly what I wanted to be. It’s my pink artichoke lamp.

lamp 031

It so perfect that the color is called watermelon, because it hangs out in my “green room” or the den and everyone KNOWS that green + pink = watermelons, duh.

Ahhh, look at my nekkid pillows on the sofa! How embarrassing! The covers are in the wash, but I’m ready to make something new for it. Oh and you get to see a sneak peek  of Christmas! Plenty more to come there.

lamp 025

I’m happy with the way it turned out for less than $20. I forgot to mention, it was a gift from my mom she picked it up from an estate sale. I’d like to do something interesting to the lamp shade, but I still need the inspiration to strike me like lightning preferably without the hospital bills. I’ll probably check out Anthropologie’s lamp shade, I’m sure there is plenty to copy, er… “get inspired by” over there. Seriously, who can afford their shades? Or anything they sell for that matter?

lamp 008

Anyone else craving bright and bold colors?


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11 responses to “I Really Love Lamp

  1. 1. I really love the pink! I’m so not even a pink person but seriously? That is adorbs.

    2. $14 for a drum shade at Ross? Killer. I will have to see if I can find one here! :)

    • Gloria

      I didn’t think I was much of a pink person either, but lately I can’t get enough. As for the shade, I think it was a rare find. Either that or they get snatched up right away. I’m in Ross on a weekly basis, and rarely see them at mine :(

  2. I’m digging the watermelon!! I’m a weenie when it comes to pink…and the husband would never approve. I guess he does live here too. :P

    • Gloria

      Caleb barely even notices. A lot of my paintings have heaps of pink in them too, but again, he doesn’t seem to notice. So it’s not like we live in Barbie’s dream house, although that would be awesome. I wonder if I should keep slowly adding more and more pink and see how much it takes for him to speak up!

  3. Really beautiful. Now if I could just figure out how to ‘pin’ it, life would be grand. :)

  4. Awesome! I’ve used the watermelon shade before.. on my jewelry rack. It’s a great color!

  5. oh my! I love that pink – it’s surprising what a single smack of colour can do to an entire room :)

  6. Sweet! I love anything in an old shape with a fresh twist of color to modernize it!

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