Antiquing an Antique

It’s possible, and I totally did it. I have a buffet that backs up to some chairs in my living room. I absolutely love the piece, but was having a lot of inner turmoil over whether to paint it or not. Believe it or not, sometimes wood it pretty. The buffet was lacking something and I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what. I’ve had this almost three years, and just kind of let it be because nothing was lighting my Christmas tree if you know what I mean.

Last week I came across a post of an updated buffet using Rub n’ Buff, and let me tell you, it looks amazing!  So I aspired to do something similar because, that’s what blogs are for??? Inspiration?!?!

New Side Table

Buffet Supplies

Here’s my ingredients,

  • Rub n’ Buff in Silver Leaf (It’s what I had on hand from this project.)
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Towels
  • Folk Art Antiquing Medium in Apple Butter Brown
  • ONE finger

buffet 034

First off, I rubbed in the Rub n’ Buff into the wood trim. As soon as I would finish one part I would be like “Oh this part would look cool in silver too! Oh and this part! And THIS part!” I ended up silver leafing the trim, embellishments, hardware and legs.
Buffet Antique comparison

Here’s a quick comparison. The silver wasn’t so bold in person, but it needed a little more dimension.

This is the original hardware and I lovvve it. It’s in really good condition, but also needed a little more emphasis. I put the tiniest smidge on my finger, because a little goes a LOOOONG way and lightly grazed it over the hardware just to hit the top of it and not go into the crease. So easy. Why did it take so long?
buffet 049 copy

This is what it looks like when I put on the antiquing medium. Brush on, Wipe off. I don’t leave it on very long at all, maybe 30 seconds? I’ll bust out the stop watch next time.
buffet 051

This photo most accurately shows what it looks like. It’s still very silver, but has a nice aged look added to it now. I think it could have looked incredible in gold, but I didn’t have enough foresight to see that through. Most of my spontaneous projects evolve out of what I have on hand. I’m still happy with it though.

For a little sneak peek to the inner workings of my brain, I started the day preparing to clean the floors, that is so desperately needed based on this picture but quickly realized that updating this piece would be SO.MUCH.MORE.FUN!

buffet 058

buffet 056

This is the finished product for now product. The whole thing took about a half hour since all the parts I highlighted were raised, I didn’t need to tape it off for a crisp line.

I just need some magical potion that will help with the scratched and water spots on the wood. It could use a little rejuvenation without being completely refinished. Anyone have any recommendations?

P.S. the floors never did get cleaned either.


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10 responses to “Antiquing an Antique

  1. Micky

    Old english will update the wood and cover the scratches quickly. I love the highlight, does it it a new look!

    See you soon!!! And, I have another project coming your way!!!


    Mom :-)


  2. Hey Gloria! Your dresser looks great! It makes me smile that my buffet redo inspired you to do that! If your water spots are the white type that come from condensation seeping into the wood… lay a cloth napkin over the stain and then iron over it. (Yes a clothes iron) the heat should pull the moisture out into the cloth. Try Old English, or a wood stain pen for you scratches? And… if you want to go gold at a later point. The gold leaf rub n’ buff will go right over the silver nicely.


  3. I love it! We just bought I GIGANTIC wood china cabinet. The idea of painting the whole thing is way too daunting (at least for now), plus it’s in really good shape, but I could definitely see doing something like this in the future!

    Look at that, you paid your blog inspiration forward :)

    ~Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One

  4. We’ve used Scott’s Liquid Gold in the past, and it’s like a miracle worker. It went over the scratched, dingy, dry wood on our outside patio table and had it looking new again!

    Love this. Glad you didn’t paint it – it’s just too beautiful a wood grain to go over!

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  6. I LOVE that you include “a finger” in the required items. That cracked me up! I love the buffet – it was beautiful before but this gives it the great little pop it needs to really stand out! :)

  7. Thanks for using AMACO’s Rub ‘n Buff. This really added a nice touch, especially with the glazing medium over the silver.

  8. Gorgeous. This looks like a Mindy project for sure! Lowes or Home Depot selld wood stain markers. I scratched up our brand new dining room table pretty nicely about a month after we bought it. I bought a marker in the same color stain as our table & you can barely see the scratches anymore. Minwax makes them.

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