Stuff I Bought

Back in December at my company Christmas party I won a Target gift card. It was one of those days I just needed something good to happen, not that it was a bad day, just was shooting for something good. I think I got the last drawing for the Target card and I remember say “I would KILL for that Target card.” Fortunately I didn’t have to and I was forty Target bucks richer. Go me.

When you HAVE money to spend it suddenly becomes hard to find something to spend that money on. Even Target! I think mostly because there are TOO many things I know I would like and hard to settle. Then for Christmas, I got another $20 target card, oh they know me so well!

I thought about buying my camera from Target, but it happened to be about $100 more in the store than online and in the end, bought the body only on Amazon, best deal.

I finally did find something online and it just recently arrived.

Target Box

Pshaw, it ain’t no thang. Call me an American Gladiator. I’ll spare you the photoshop rendering.

I opened that box up so fast. It’s a hexagon Missoni pouf! I didn’t really buy into the hype when it first came out. The fact that it’s Missoni had nothing to do with me buying it. The fact that it was discounted down to $34.98 had EVERYTHING to do with it. They still have them online. AND I still have  $19 of a gift card left

This piece is definitely on the larger side. I was look at the reviews cause it doesn’t have that many stars (those came AFTER I bought it.) and someone gave it two stars cause they are lazy and didn’t read the product dimensions… Kathryn from Alexandria, VA, I’m looking at you…

cool_not cool kitchen pouf

The fabric almost looks more like a denim than an aqua, but I’m still thoroughly happy with it. I just don’t really know what to do with it at this point. My house is totally crazy. Half of my floors are ripped up so they could dry it underneath and no real date in sight as to when we’ll get it back to normal. Oh joy.

Anyone have any good Target recommendations? This card is burning a hole in my pocket….


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3 responses to “Stuff I Bought

  1. Victory

    Love your blog! and love the cube, its true once you have the target gc you have now idea what to do with it!

  2. YAHOO! I might just use my Tar-Jay giftcard and snag a couple of these babies for my living room!

    I’d check out their frame sets. For like $17 you can get a set of 10 frames that vary in size. Perfect for a gallery wall.

  3. LOVE your ottoman!!! I tried to snag one just now, but it’s not there! :( bummer, but good for you!!! The remainder of the gift card can be spent on just about anything though- after all, Target has just about everything!

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