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Book Themed Baby Shower Invitations

I just recently finished up a new round of invitations. If you were to ask me which one is my favorite it’ll always be the current one. It’s like I love each one more than the last and these are no exception!The mama to be really loves primary colors and is an avid book reader. There’s plenty of books incorporated throughout to drop a hint as to the theme.

They did something cool which is NOT new, just new to me, they requested a book be brought in place of a card. I googled a sweet little poem and it was placed at the top of the bundle to let the recipients know whats up.

There are quite a few elements to bring this piece all together, but I think it all fits so well. We have…

  • A red envelope with a colorful polka dotted liner
  • The main invitation printed on metallic paper and mounted on a dark gray linen color to ground everything
  • A fun glitter bookmark just because
  • A bookplate for the recipient to fill out and mount on the book of their choice to bring
  • The “instruction card” to relay the message of cards, BAAAD, books, GOOOD.
  • Circle return address label
  • Topped off with a sweet yellow bow

Muge Park Invite 2 003
Muge Park Invite 2 007

Muge Park 4

Muge Park Invite 2 004

Muge Park 2

Muge Park Invite 2 013
Muge Park 1
Muge Park Invite 2 011

Muge Park 3

Yummy, I love close up shots of paper. Who doesn’t? Weirdos, that’s who. If you’re looking for past invitations, scroll to the bottom of my project gallery and you’ll find the links there.

If you or someone you know is in need of invitations for ANY occasion, email me at gloss(dot)create(at)gmail(dot)com!


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Baby Shower Invitations, Ya’ll

I’m that Okie. The one who claims to have NO southern accent whatsoever, but uses the term ya’ll quite frequently. It’s downright embarrassing.

Without further ado… Do you have any idea what this stack of pretties means?

invites 017

Invitation time! I seriously LOVE invitations. The layers, texture, colors, designs!! OOhh lala! I even love receiving them. I just love snail mail. I’m thiiis close (picture finger measurement) to getting Caleb to send me surprise love notes through the ACTUAL mail with stamps and everything. Getting the mail is MY thing, he KNOWS not to touch the mailbox even if it is only magazines I don’t read, catalogs and bills, it still thrills me to no end the hopes that something pretty and shiny will come through.

invites 019

These are for a sweet baby girl coming along named Emerson, I think that’s such an adorable name.  It was all styled after her mama’s nursery. She’s really into the floral/ graphic combination and I totally love it.

invites 018

In case you’re wondering, It’s a Girl!


Since there were so many patterns and colors going on, I kept the main invitation very simple so it didn’t get too overwhelming, I’ll admit it’s borderline.  Anyone else ever do that thing, when you stare at a certain word for too long it starts to sound and look all funny and you’re convinced, that’s not how you spell it? I’ve been doing that with these a lot so if you spot a misspelling, do me a favor and don’t tell me. Ignorance is bliss, ya’ll.

invites 015

The back of the sleeve has her name on it for all the monogrammed gifts. All I can think is gosh I hope I spelled it right, even though it’s been proofed by the recipient and I’ve checked the email TEN times now. I’ll have to close my eyes and hand them off…

invites 012

invites 022

It’s time for me to say goodbye and send these invitations to the rightful owner who will address, stamp, and mail them then they will be opened, glanced at, maybe placed on a fridge for a couple weeks if I’m lucky, then thrown away. This post was created so that they will live on forever. I love you, invitations.

If you haven’t seen my other invitations check out the Lingerie Invites, Diamond Bridal Shower Invites or check out my website,, to get the scoop on what it is I do! I’m open for business if you have any invitation needs. Just email me at gloss(dot)create(at)

The Stuff of Success


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Finished Invitations

I finished all of the invitations, YIPPEEE! And well ahead of schedule. Once the inspirations hits, there is not stopping it. I loved making these because I get free reign on them. I really wanted a modern feminine vibe for this. I started with the water color and felt like it needed to be a little more defined from there, so that’s when the flowers came in and helped to soften it up, it’s a BRIDAL shower after all.

invite set up

This is the setup, or the invitation station as I liked to call it. Ready for assemblage.

Front of invite

Here is a closer look at the flowers and main invitation.


See how shiiiny it is? That’s my favorite part. That was the paper I was hoping was still in stock since I originally bought it over two years ago and started with the leftovers. I had my fingers crossed the moment I walked in the store that I would find it right away. That didn’t happen.  I was all like c’mon Hob Lobs, don’t let me down as I wandered the aisles aimlessly hoping I would find it in the middle of the floor in front of me. Just when I was about to admit defeat, I turned the corner and found them! So happy! Until I realized paper wasn’t half off this week. Bummer. Oh well, life goes on.
invite set

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Shiny Wedding Shower Invitations

Last Christmas, I totally bought into the Silhouette SD hype. If you read blogs during December 2010, you too most likely saw that they were being hawked and given away like pennies on the pavement. Everywhere. I knew I had to have one, and since I wasn’t winning ANY of the giveaways, I figured it would have to be my Christmas present to myself. I bought it on Overstock for less than $150 and I’ve used it three time now. The most recent use is the most exciting….


I’m working on some invitations, ya’ll! It just so happens that I like making invitations slightly more than I like watching the X-Files. That’s not sarcasm, ask Caleb or check my Netflix instant queue.  You can check out my previous batch of shower invitations here, mind you they were professionally iphone photographed my me, hence the excellent image quality.


This is just the start of the invitations. I created a custom shape for a diamond ring and cut it out on shiny poster board using the Silhouette. It was one of those inpiration struck moments that I better take advantage of it before it goes missing. When I finally looked at my phone, it was nine and  Caleb was texting and calling me, wondering if I was okay or the rapture happened or something. I was in the zone, chief.


20 down, 30 more to go (I ran out of paper). I also made a water color design in photoshop and printed it out for the envelope liner on vellum. See?!?!?………


Envelope liner! The little diamond rings will have  a little circle indicating where she is registered. I could have just typed it out on the main invitation, but seriously, what’s the fun in that! I don’t have the actual invitation finished. I did all of this with just materials I had on hand, so I still have to go paper shopping and get some more shiny poster board, hopefully they still have it. Fingers crossed. Oh, did I mention I have like a week to get fifty invitations out? Yikes. Gotta hurry.

I’m thinking about offering my services for custom invitations, but I’m having trouble getting past the doubt. Hmm.. we’ll see.


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Vic…Gloria’s Secret




I had a friend getting married. Bethany Getting Married. Not THAT Bethany, but one I went to Rhema with. I offered to throw her a shower at my house and she said yes! She didn’t have anyone doing a lingerie shower for her so we decided that would be the theme. I love making invitations more than decorating just as much as decorating a LOT.  In the spirit of lingerie, I made it pretty obvious what the point of this shower would be. I had such a fun time making these. Actually, I recant that because I remember how bad my back ached having to cut each one of these and apply the rhinestones individually. This was before I bought a Silhouette SD, which I love! Lets just say I had so much fun with the CREATIVE process and not the actual back breaking labor. I would make any sweat shop boss VERY angry by my lazy work ethic.

I’m usually not the Black/pink fan, but per the bride’s request I felt inclined to meet her wishes. I loved how they came out! The pictures pretty much tell all, but I printed the design out and applied black lace to the back, rhinestones on top and silver ribbon around the corset waist. I made the little panties the same way to let the guests know what size to buy. I bought a metallic silver pen to write the address on the envelopes. I researched it quite a bit to make sure the post office would actually deliver the black envelopes, they did. Sometimes though, the post office and I don’t exactly see eye to eye or agree on the meaning of “practical”. Oh and that little circle if the return address label for the back.

Now I wish more people would get married, pronto.


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