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Look at all Those Legs: Part Duex

I know I just posted about this table and called it done, but I couldn’t convince myself that I really liked it. It looked lazy, and unfinished and it didn’t take long for me to get on it and show it a little more appreciation. First, let’s start from the beginning.

Just the plain ol’ wood…


Then the gray with white stripes.

6 Leg Tabletop3
I guess I kind of liked it, but it lacked a bit of pizzazz. It fell flat in the room, more like a piece of furniture was thrown in place rather than it intentionally placed there. Be warned, what I’m about to show you is a little “out there.” I can tell you right here and now that not everyone will love the after, but for me it’s perfect…. until I change my mind again. At least, I don’t feel like I’m convincing myself I like it, but my tastes may change down the road, who knows.

I still wanted to do stripes, but a more interesting version. Out came the bright colors and painters tape. I started with what I already had and built on from there.

Started stripes

I think I’ve been subconsciously inspired by all the Target Missoni hoopla because I think the finished product channels it a little bit. I didn’t intend to hence the subconsciously inspired bit.


It’s a cornucopia of color now and helps tie in some of the other colors in the room that may have felt a bit disjointed. I feel like it fits my personality so well, my decorating personality that is.

Finished Table 2


Finished Table 1

Here you can see a tiny peek at the green ceiling. It’s all coming together!

It makes me so much happier than the previous table.

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Little Projects Take the Longest

This may not be true for everyone, but it’s true for me. Some of these little projects take forever to finish only because they take forever to START. See this chair…

I’ve had it as long as I’ve had my other chairs which were made over when we bought our house almost two years ago. I didn’t finish them at the time because the table we had wasn’t big enough to hold six chairs. THEN I got a larger table that is the perfect size for the room, it just had to extra chairs sitting around mismatching like crazy…

They may look like the green chairs, and they are EXTREMELY similar, but they aren’t. One is a gala apple, and the other a fuji, at first glance you can’t tell at all but on closer inspection, you can. Anyway, off came the seat so it can be recovered.IMG_1856

I bought extra fabric at the time I did my other chairs knowing that these would also get redone down the road. I didn’t know it would take me two years, so it is definitely a good thing I bought it when I did since it’s no longer for sale. I badly wish it was because I want this fabric for my master bedroom curtains. Oh what could have been!


I didn’t even take off the old fabric, I just put it right on top. I did “test it out” to see if I could see the fabric underneath it in the sun. Nope, onwards.

Align, staple, pull, staple, pull, staple.







Screw back into place. How’s that for a tutorial? I’m awesome.


No more clashing! Why did I put off a half hour project for so long? I’m glad the fabric swatches aren’t wasting space anymore. It makes me want to put to use so many other items laying around the house and TRUST ME there is puhhhlenty of that going on.


I think I’ve convinced myself I like having the chairs mismatched a bit with the paint and wood. I’m mostly talking myself into it because I REALLY don’t want to sand, prime and paint anything right now or in the foreseeable future. Laziness prevails.


At least it looks intentional now, it only took TWO years.

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New Buttons

I feel so blessed by all of the sweet, encouraging words that were left yesterday. I feel such a sense of clarity after getting those words out and it helped me monumentally. Thank you for listening. You help so much!

Today I thought I would share a teeny tiny update that has absolutely nothing to do with paint… or my house. It’s my sweater! When I bought it, it was missing TWO buttons and only had one backup button. So I took them all off and left it buttonless for awhile, out of sheer laziness, nothing else. Finally, when I got around to it I put some new fun buttons on it and it gives it more character now.

I chose orange, because I love me some unexpected character. Even though I have a hundred other sweaters to wear, I find myself grabbing this one the most. It keeps my outfits from getting too snoozy.

I’ve done this with quite a few items in my closet and its so simple. All it takes is some new buttons, a needle and thread. No tutorial here, sorry. I did this awhile ago, but was wearing this today, and thought, “Hey, I should share this!” So I did. And here it is.

I’ve changed buttons on a few other “cheap” pieces I buy. My sister and I complain about that a lot. Some items you can just tell they were cheap because of the buttons, but changing them out is an easy fix. Kinda like replacing the hardware on cabinets and dressers. Same concept!

I know what you’re thinking….



As for the orange, I don’t know, I just love the unexpected pop. It may not be your cup of tea, so it’s a good thing I’m the one drinking it!

P.S.   I rarely wear scarves, but I did today because I spilled salsa on my shirt… Last night… Because I wore it TO BED!!!



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Nothing a Little Chalk Paint Can’t Fix

Not too long ago I did a little redecorating in this corner. It was all fine and dandy, but there was something sinister lurking on that tabletop.


It had been through a lot, like a candle gone wild with full on burn marks and leftover wax that isn’t well witnessed in the photo above. I had some VERY detailed plans laid out for this table.  Ladies and Ladies, exhibit A

table top

I so make the best plans. That’s been written on the table for, oh… 5 months. After planning and scheming for months, I finally busted out the foam roller and man’s greatest gift to mankind… chalkboard paint because that’s what miracles are made of kids-chalkboard paint and cupcakes. Please don’t argue.

Painted Chalkboard

One of the hardest parts about such a simple project is WAITING THREE DAYS before conditioning it. At least that’s what the directions say, but truth be told, I haven’t followed those instructions on previous chalking projects and it came out fine. I guess I was in a rule following mood. Conditioning makes future marks easier to erase, and this is what it looks like.

Conditioning Chalkboard

Ta-Da! So helpful, so useful, so chalky.

Finished Chalkboard Table 2

Before you get all, but I liiiiked the whiiite. It was so light and airy. What’s done is done. The plan was laid out and there was NO way around it, I tried to appeal but my motions were denied. (I’ve been watching too many legal shows, Damages is by far my favorite.) Just take a close look at that tabletop and the place setting! See, you could EAT off of it. No need for real plates! Or even food! It could be just like the feast in Hook, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to recreate that seen, so I pretty much do on a daily basis. People think I’m weird, but I’m just surprised they don’t know what I’m doing.

Finished Chalkboard Table 3

So that’s all folks. I’m happy with it. I’ve always wanted a chalkboard table top and now I have one. My wildest dreams have come true. So I guess this is the end of my blog, I had a good run!

Finished Chalkboard Table 1

Just kidding, there’s plenty more to come!

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Make it Work

From time to time I may acquire clothing that is too big, but I really like the fabric or style OR I may find a something I love for SUPER CHEAP but just isn’t my size.  That’s when I get all Tim Gunn up on its bizniss.
large lace dress

My mom gave me this dress because she knew I could make something out of it. It sat around my house for weeks before I finally decided to tackle it.The sleeves fit perfectly so I can’t imagine what the correct size would have felt like. I came pretty close to sewing up the sides because it was just way to big to use the ol’ belt trick on. Sewing up the sides was just a bit more work than I wanted at the time.   Enter forgotten but genius idea.

tying dress

Here’s what I did:

  1. Loop first side
  2. Loop other side
  3. Tighten & pull ribbon back
  4. Tie and embrace the ruffles!

dress fitting

You may already do this, so don’t be insulted by the simplicity. Even if a dress isn’t exactly your size doesn’t mean its a total loss. Now it’s perfectly fitted without have to touch the sewing machine! Success! I love that I can change the ribbon in the back to be any color I want.

Here’s another…

blue dress

Admittedly, it doesn’t look so bad on the left, but see how sad I am??? I’m so sad on the left. Trust me, it didn’t flatter. It was the prettiest potato sack you will probably ever see. Obviously I photoshopped it a little bit, I don’t have a before picture with the original length. The dress was less than $10 and 3 sizes to big and  hard to tell in the photo but DEFINITELY not in person.

This is what I did:

  1. Cinched the waist in with a belt to make it fitted and less floppy.
  2. Chopped off a few tiers of ruffle to make the length something I would actually wear.

Both these dresses are from Kohl’s which I absolutely recommend stalking the clearance racks. With a coupon, you can get 30% off of the clearance price making it insane cheap. I think I’ve paid only 10% of the original retail price on items before, plus they have really cute clothes!

Here’s a dress I made… like, from scratch:

There once came a day that I realized I had outgrown my American Eagle t-shirts. Not is size, but in style. I also desperately wanted a specific dress from Anthro but didn’t want to pay over $150 for it so I used it as inspiration. It’s not a direct copy, but it totally filled the craving for the other dress. I don’t have a tutorial on this, but I numbered the first photo to show how many t-shirts I used. 6 TOTAL!!! The light blue was a shirt that was too short, so I just chopped off the top and kept it the same which made it so much easier than cutting and configuring the sleeves. I kept it simple and just patched the shirts together as I went. I wish I had more time to sew.

It’s so hard for me to throw things away when I know it could have a second life. I feel like that closely relate to my home DIY, repurposing. I do it all of the time with furniture, so why not let that overflow into other areas as well.

What else do you repurpose? My aunt washes aluminum foil and reuses it like 5 time before throwing it out, is that weird?

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Joyful Print

The other day I was in a particularly good mood, shocking I know, and decided to try my hand at a graphic print. As an artist sometimes its difficult for me to fork over my hard earned dollars on artwork when I know I can flex my little artist fingers and come up with something I like. That’s why all of the paintings in my house are done by me. It’s not that I don’t admire other artists, I totally do, I’m just not in the financial position to throw hundreds of dollars around for art. Someday!!! But onward, I thought my gallery felt a little stale, plus I like to think I’ve matured as an artist since high school and wanted to display something more current.


Seeeeee, old gallery wall, ugh, yuck. BOOOring.


Goodbye sweet, praying Cambodia girl. Don’t worry, I did not throw you away, but this was the only frame this would fit in. It’s and 11×14.  I like the added color and before it felt a little photograph heavy. I needed the bright, cheery vibe that it brings in. Success.


Each time I look at it its like, Oh, hello God! I sure do love and appreciate everything you’ve done for me.


I even made a smaller one, 5×7, to go in some bookshelves I’m restyling. But thaaaats slow going Grr.

This print is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

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Curtain Switch Up

You may or may not remember my little challenge I gave myself for the month of July, the whole not shopping thing. I’ll have you know it was successful due to the fact that I spent a week out of town and about three weeks with no motivation for life in general. I actually did a lot of projects before the missing ring, but am just now getting around to blogging about it.

There was a lot of switching things around that just weren’t working. I love moving and constantly changing things, simply because I can. I had these curtains in my den which I was totally in love with, but as of lately was just beginning to feel totally stale. Probably because it’s not Christmas year round. Christmas makes every room better. We first moved into our house at the end of October, and instead of buying new furniture and useful things, I only bought Christmas decorations… and kept them up til March.


See what I mean? The den was being much neglected, this is before the crate wall change. The color of the dark curtains just weren’t working in here anymore, so bye bye they went. Getting rid of those curtains started an avalanche of change, but like a good avalanche.  I’ve done a lot to this room since then so it looks much improved now, except for the dog, he’s pretty much always there.


The new home for the curtains! I think it gives the room a more masculine feel. Sometimes, I feel sorry for Caleb that the house leans to feminine so I have to do something to even things out. He actually could care less and might not notice it the curtains turned hot pink. I might have to try that, I’ll keep you posted. I wouldn’t exactly tout this change up as better, just different. And sometimes, different is all I need. I’m one of those people that gets depressed when things stay exactly the same for too long. One year of the same curtains? Crazytown!


This is what my bedroom looked like before, but I used those sheer curtains for a project in our bathroom. I didn’t want to leave them hanging on the rod with a cutout like in Enchanted.  Plus, sheer curtains and light streaming through isn’t exactly winning for the migraine prone, which is something I unfortunately have to deal with. So darker, better light blocking curtains are a welcome free change to the room. My dream curtains would probably be white velvet curtains from West Elm or something.

To help tie in the darker color of the curtains, I draped a throw blanket over the headboard. I really like the pattern and texture it adds, but it’s like a total lazy move. My intention is to recover the headboard, so this is perfect for the interim. Please forgive my wrinkly duvet, the botox appointment isn’t until next week. Bummer.

For now, it works until I wake up at 2 in the morning and decide something needs to be changed… NOW.

And don’t forget the before that came before the previous before, follow? Maybe I should say “original”. Yup, this is what we moved into, home sweet home. We’ve come a long way, no?


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