House Tour

front exterior

Copy of house photos-2
The Exterior of the house. Awwww Look at it! It’s so cute, da widdle baybee. What am I doing! the baby talk! Enough! It looks kind of small from the street, but its not really THAT tiny. There aren’t any major plans for this, I would love a new garage door or maybe just paint it. Maybe sprinkle a few flowers here and there too.

front porch

Front porch sxs
It got sweet new signage and chairs.

Entry Hallway

entry hall sxs
Possibly the worst Before of all time, Can you even tell what you’re looking at? Well, Its SUPPOSED to be the entry hallway. And totally different angles. Please don’t hate. Check out my light “fixture” here.

living room

living builtin sxs
Here is the living room shot from the front door. Those cabinets got a Heidi Montag here.

living sxs
The living room facing the front door.

dining room

dining sxs
The dining room. So technically, the wallpaper was removed before we moved in so I can’t take the credit for that. I can’t seem to find a good angle of the dining before.


kitchen sxs
This is an unfinished project. Turns out painting cabinets aren’t that fun all by your lonesome self. I still haven’t finished them. I will not be sad to see that red sink go bye. We changed out the light fixture, painted and added some bamboo blinds. Someday I’ll get to show you something polished and sparkling!


den sxs

I don’t know what to do with this room. We’re only two people who actually like to spend time together so there is no need for TWO living spaces.

ICK, ick ick. SO much dust on those curtains. I’m sneezing thinking about it. And that “after” obviously doesn’t look like that year round. It’s the only photo I can find with the new paint color that looks decent.

master bedroom

master sxs
Read all about my big girl bed here.

her closet

her closet sxs
My Bedroom Closet, the first and most important makeover.

guest bedroom

guest sxs
It’s amazing what new curtains, furniture and bedding can do for a room. I couldn’t rip those old curtains off fast enough.

guest bathroom

guest bath sxs

It was a plain cardboard box type of before, so a little paint and accessories help a lot.


studio sxs
Lock me in a room for a month, and I do crazy things. See it all go down here, and here.

backyard patio

The covered back patio.

backyard shed

The shed, which a selling point for me, that I want to turn into a workroom. If only I had ten arms and 5 extra brains. I would be unstoppable.

9 responses to “House Tour

  1. I absolutely love your front guest bedroom. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have a huge window like that in my bedroom! Great blog!

  2. YAY! You did an ombre dresser drawer project!!!! I saw that on & have been dying to do this! Looks great!

  3. I love your studio! I could spend all day there. And I also love your bedroom color palette, and the color behind your living room bookcases–what color is that?

    • Gloria

      Thank you so much!! I wish I spent more time in there, but I’m always decorating something else. The color is Ben Moore Bermuda Turquoise. Bestcolorever!!!

  4. totally gorgeous home! LOVE what you’ve done! :)

  5. Hi Gloria, dropping in from Remodaholic…I loved your desk makeover featured over there. And I must say that I share your sentiments about painting those kitchen cabinets…its dreadful!

    • Gloria

      Thanks Latoya! Glad you stopped by! I just want everyone to know how “unperfect” I am, and it’s okay! It’s been well over a year, and those cabinets, STILL NOT DONE.

  6. LOVE the paint color in the bathroom!!! Makes me want to paint ours dark!

  7. wow, fantastic transformations! Love it!

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