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Bathroom of the Future

This past weekend I finished up painting some bathroom cabinets. I shouldn’t even have to link to it, it’s two posts down, lazy.


I’ve seen the future, and I want you to see it too! I bet you didn’t know I could time travel! Hop in my DeLorean, sista and come check it out…

Okay, you called my bluff, I’m totally lying and just wanted to sound cool. Oh well. Here’s what I WANT it to look like. Preferably a little less squiggly…
future bathroom

Remember that checklist?

  • Replace countertop/sink/faucet
  • Get new toilet paper holder
  • Fix gaping hole in the wall
  • Paint over grout
  • New art

I only addressed a few of these since some things don’t show from this angle. One thing I’d like to point out is the grout. MMhmmm, scroll up then down, then up and down one more time just to compare. Anyone else hate that dark grid as much as I do? I only wanted to give you an idea of what it could look like with white grout. Much better, me says.

Now to the ca-razy countertop. It’s supposed to resemble concrete. Stop laughing. Seriously, stop. I’m not completely sold on it, I haven’t decided if I want to PAY for a “grown-up” counter top yet. I love the idea of soapstone though. I so badly want to get rid of my shell sink, who ever thought that was a good idea? I have two. Grrr.

Lastly, I threw on a vessel sink. I’d love a rectangle one though, that was just the best angle I could get. I think in the end it will be look so much better and still not cost millions of dollars.

Anyone else spend way too many hours in photoshop on things that don’t matter?

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Moldy Tub, How Embarrassing

I’m not going to sugar coat it. This is a boring project, and there is no way around it. Since it is one of those things that may have to be done from time to time, I figured I would share it. It was starting to feel like a camp shower that you had to wear your flip flops in. Yuck.

Dear mold, your time is up.


It was definitely wayyy past its prime, no amount of cleaning would get rid of it.


I’ve scraped out almost all of it. I used an x-acto knife and it helped get the edges really clean, plus I didn’t want to spend an extra $3 of some cheap plastic tool that may or may not get it all. So my method worked out perfectly. Once it was all cleaned out, I sprayed it down with tilex and scrubbed with Caleb’s toothbrush. Maybe it was his old one, minor details. I did make sure everything was dry before putting anything on it.


Enter the hero of the story…

I spent 15 minutes helplessly staring at all of the products in Walmart. There are a bazillion different choice and most of them looked the same. Why do I need twenty variation of the same product? After studying each and everyone of them, I grabbed my best choice and checked out. Right when I was ready to start I realized I bought clear instead of white. Boo hiss! After all that helpless staring! How could this happen to me! Determined not to let this hamper my progress and let this go unfinished for months, which is truly the Gloria way, I trudged back into Wal-mart and returned it for the right color.


Finishing this was so simple, I just ran a bead along the edge and wiped it down with my finger. Again, they make tools for this but why waste precious money equaling three double cheeseburgers when God gifted me with these precious hands that could do exactly the same thing?


Project finished in two hour for less than $3. SO worth it. Please don’t comment on why there is an off-white tub and WHITE tile, I’m very self-conscious. I’m guessing the person who designed this is also the one who left the carpet in here too. Gross.

Any house maintenance project going on with you? Do tell…


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Who ISN’T Painting Their Cabinets These Days?

For rill. Erbody’s cabinets getting painted. It’s almost impossible to enter blog land for a day without see a new cabinet makeover. I’ve already painted some in my cabinets in my living room and started my kitchen cabinets a year and a half ago, almost done! Fingers crossed. And now I have another to submit.  I’m this close (picture fingers showing half inch measurement, whatever that really means anyway) to banishing all of the honey oak cabinets from my house. Actually more like orange juice oak.  Here is what it originally looked like…


Here is what I’ve most currently shown you, walls were painted and decor added.


I’ve since murdered the aloe vera plant and placed it in the dungeon that is known as “under the sink” and of course painted the cabinets. I wasn’t feeling a bright white so I went with a soft gray. It’s the same color as my dining table, Valspar Foggy Mirror. Well, half of it. That’s right, these two cabinets are two totally different colors.

I started with the sink base oh… 5 months ago, and quickly halted this project because I ran out of paint. Oops. My house isn’t SUPER close to either Lowes or Home Depot, so its kind of annoying making a trip there. Plus I couldn’t remember who sells Valspar so finally I went to Home Depot since it is right next to my work.  Apparently in these situation my brain ceases to function or remember that I COULD JUST LOOK IT UP ON MY PHONE. Oh well. I picked out a Martha Stewart color, Sharkey Gray. It’s pretty close in color and doesn’t bother me the slighest because it is D-O-N-E, done.


I’m not even gonna hide it. I painted over the hinges. It’s all got a nice, neat layer of Minwax Polycrylic over it to keep it safe, I love that stuff.

Okay one more confession, please don’t gasp… I didn’t even sand anything.

Cue Gasp.

I told you not to gasp. I wouldn’t recommend the whole not sanding thing, especially in high use areas, but like I said, it’s been up for 5 months and has withstood the dog test so I’m feeling pretty confident about it. Confident enough to admit it to you.



I’m gonna be honest with you. The countertop does nothing for this color, NOTHING. So don’t be to quick to judge!

Here’s the To Do list:

  • Replace countertop/sink/faucet, I’m thinking DIY either concrete or using mosaic tile.
  • Get new toilet paper holder. Preferable a robotic one that talks and asks how your day was
  • Fix gaping hole in the wall that is not pictured along with the scratched up trim.
  • Find product to paint over grout to make it less jarring. Any recommendations???
  • New art to replace hanging pictures. I’m sure my guests just Looove pictures of me smooching on my husband. Maybe something more interesting like an actual painting of something and not an abstract.

If you’ve got any painted cabinets, I’d love to see!

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Just a Little Looksie

I feel like I should be blogging about something, but with all the crazy weather in Oklahoma lately, its hard to plan posts when you are hiding in a “safe room” from a tornado. Thankfully, I still have a home to blog about and I wish I could do something more to help out those who lost theirs.

I was scouring my Flickr account to see what else I can introduce you to in my home. Well, how about the guest bathroom!

Guest Bath
This is the before that is currently featured on my house tour. It is not that easy to photograph such a tiny sunless room.

This is yet another embarrassing photo-iphone, but the before fixture was positively offensive. Shiny brass, flared 80’s glass shades. All I did was paint over the brass with black because I wanted it to disappear and bought new glass shade for $4 each and it made the world of difference, yet SO simple.

Eek! The paint history…


I painted it a navy blue from Ralph Lauren, I don’t know the shade off the top of my head. I adore this shade. It doesn’t look that dark in person. I bought the shower curtain from CB2 on clearance, surprise. The cabinets all got knobs. It is seriously frustrating to try opening cabinets with no knobs especially drawers. Why, cheap home builders, do you choose to make life so difficult on me!


Here is an awkward close up shot sp you can see the towel rack I improvised on.


I made the towel rack out of a random piece of wood I found in the garage. I took one look at it and knew exactly what I would use it for.

Here’s what I did:

1. Sand it down

2. Put a couple coats of polyurethane on it

3. Bought some hooks from target

4. Drilled them on!

5. I hung them with what else… twine. Since I’m a woman, it’s my version of duct tape. The main reason I used it is because it was too difficult to drill a hole all the way through to screw it into the wall so I took the lazy way out.

scratched up wall
We also use this room to keep the dogs in while we are gone. Apparently, they have both been watching too much Prison Break and Oz… Put it on the to-do list.

One thing that really bugs me about this room is the grout. I’ve been looking online about a few things to paint the grout and can’t really seem to find anything solid that I would have enough confidence to buy. Anyone have any experience with this or products to recommend?

Since it’s a nice looong weekend, Ima get ya’ll some real niiice pitchers of everythin all detailed and such.

That is what every.single.person. from Oklahoma interviewed by national news outlets for the storm talks like. But we don’t ALL talk like that, just the ones that make the news. Please don’t judge us!


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